ColdGoldLazarus' Overdesigned MoCs



Pretty nice overall. The use of the Metru heads, though creative, make for a pretty awkward shoulder connection.


Remember this?
I made some slight improvements, folded one of the legs, and took pictures from more angles. In Keerakh colors because reasons.


One last addition, and viewing it in all six colors again.


How very interesting...


my robo dudes
where are you at



In a good way or a bad way?

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Double Post for Creative Content

A while back, I got Grievous.
I decided to experiment, and this was the result. Unnamed female Toa of Plasma, and a member of the Kakama Master Race. Never got around to taking pictures until now, but she's been sitting on my shelf for a good six or seven months.

Side view. She's armed with Backwards Lightsabers Plasma Jet Rods. Ideally, her eyes would also be Trans-Apple Green to match with them, but unfortunately the Metru eye piece never came in that color. And while I'm fairly happy with the way her feet look from the front, I wish they didn't wind up sticking out as far in back. Oh well.

Nyran shot. While I tried to stick to Grievous's pieces as much as possible, there were some spots where I had to bring in pieces from my broader collection, and the upper back is a particularly excessive case of that. Her neck is unfortunately rather fragile, with her head rather prone to falling off. RIP.
The scarf-tube things I see as being heat funnel release things, piping away excess heat so her internals don't melt - a danger for those of the fire and plasma elements.

Skeleton shots. Her lower body is actually pretty simple, but her upper body was a pain to figure out. Aside from the neck, I'm pretty happy with the result, though.

It's kind of hard to see here, but these were intended to show off her waist swivel. While it is somewhat limited by the armor piece on her back, it still works well enough.

And finishing things off with a cool pose. Aw yea.

Overall, while there are things I wish I'd done better with this, despite my decision to limit my piece palette, I'm fairly happy with how this turned out, and I think I achieved the aesthetic I was going for.
But as the creator, my perspective is of course somewhat inherently skewed, so what do you think?


Ah, references :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not even that
Just habit


Today I bring you my crappy, cobbled-together-in-five-minutes (yet somehow took over a year for me to actually take pictures of) @Political_Slime MOC, made mainly using bits from my little brother's hero factory sets.

He's armed with the Political_Jackhammer and a revolver

He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Nyran shot

The only part of the build that isn't just straightforward CCBS, and even then it's not exactly complex.

Anyway, this was originally intended to be for Slime's birthday, but I realized I don't actually know when that is, so uh
I'm sorry for this crap


It looks just like Slime!



and by today I mean 2 months ago

In seriousness, this is cool. A shame you couldn't mount the Matatu on the head, but it's still good.

those cracked joints tho



I'm glad you like it!
Maybe when I have more time I'll make a better one. ^_^;

Yeah. I was considering just plugging into the top, but with the ball socket in the condition it was... Yeah, wouldn't really have worked out. :confused:

The plastic quality of the 08/09 sets was fantastic, wasn't it? :stuck_out_tongue:


The awaited day has come.

The Base

Front view. A fairly simple build, and a bit of an ugly one at that if I'm perfectly honest.

Side view. Doesn't look like much, does it?

Nyran shot. Why am I subjecting you to this?

And here's an awkward pose to show of its flexibility, it's seeming single redeeming trait. Again, why am I bothering with this?

Because this isn't the actual MOC.


This is the MOC.

Phase I

With the addition of a handful of pieces, this ugly frame is suddenly turned into a freshly-awoken Toa of Ice, ready to find masks and fight evil, and he's all out of masks.

Comparison with a certain Onu-Matoran inventor. I think the scale works out for them pretty well.

Also, he has weapon storage! And it's reachable by his actual arm!

Phase II

But wait, there's more! By changing out some of the pieces, you can turn him from a spindly Mata to a better-armored Nuva!

Similarly to before, he still has weapon storage.

It's a bit of a stretch to get to the far one and he looks rather uncomfortable doing it, but it can be done.
"Don't mind me, just using this back scratcher. I can never get that one spot...

But the old sword still works with the skates!

And so Adrenaline Mode was retroactively added to G1.

Phase III

While not as beloved, his Phantoka Incarnation can also get in on the action, with the addition of his Midak Skyblaster, a pair of wings, and that ugly, ugly mask.

The wings attach to his spear storage bits. Sadly, the Skyblaster can't be stored due to its absurd and obnoxious size...

But with some slight adjustment, everything else still can!

Mix And Match

The best part of this, in my opinion, isn't just being able to recreate the canon looks, but choosing the best of all worlds.

Personally, I favor the Adaptive Armor configuration, but with the original Akaku and his classic Mata and Nuva weapons.

And fancy that, this setup still gives him that Adrenaline mode.


"Uh... good Matoran. Have a headpat or something."
"You're patronizing me, aren't you? I feel like you're patronizing me."

"Stay back."
"I could just go get my Boxor and help..."
"No, stay back."


All in all, it isn't my most amazing MOC, or even a particularly good one, from a pure building perspective.

But as a simple but limber platform for a variety of possible armor addons, I think it becomes quite a fun way to combine three disparate incarnations of a character into one.


"Washed and chilled."

Frankly, I wish I could have done something more with the lower arms and lower legs; this won't exactly outdo modern CCBS at its own game.

But for what it is, I like how it turned out. :thumbsup:


Oh, and before anyone asks, it is more-or-less possible to store every single accessory somewhere on his person. It isn't elegant, but it can be done.


Thicc forearms

IMO they don’t look great with the Mata armor but they work with all the other armor sets so eh what are ya gonna do?


I've been waiting to see this moc for over 2 years lol, nice build.


Yeah. I would honestly prefer to used the Metru Legs for those, but those are just a tad too long and don't work as well with the shield.

Thanks! And again, thanks for the mask to make it happen!


It’s just so versatile, and I love it.

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