Cole's earth dragon LDD (Ninjago dragon contest)

I made my dragon for the contest,I am 100% sure I will NOT be the winner, but made this out of fun :slight_smile:
Hope you like it, and see you the next time


Yeah, the legs are too long and awkwardly connected to the body, which is too flat in my opinion. Also, the fact that half of the build is made out of CCBS/Bionicle pieces and the other half is made out of System is not a good idea, and makes it look awkward.


The Long legs are the major problem, but I like it overall

Now this is cool

You know, this sort of looks like how Iā€™d imagine a Skullkin dragon. I do appreciate the commitment to black as the primary color instead of brown or orange.

Those legs are off. The connection, the length and the blending of the bionicle parts and system

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