Collection Stories

So this was originally going to be a topic restricted to Bionicle, but I figured there's plenty more to be told about other Lego themes as well. Post an interesting story about your collection! Whether it's getting your first set, first encounters with a theme, the story of growing your collection one day, the order in which you obtained certain sets, just another something to share out about your collection!

I have a small story to start, regarding my Bionicle collection. So, being a fan that entered the game a few years after the initial release of Bionicle, I jumped in barely knowing anything about 2001 (I joined in about 02-03). The only thing I knew (or thought) was that the Toa Mata were something of a rare treasure that had to be had (I was young). The lore and 'mystery of what this 01 was about' was so intriguing to me, and there's just something about old Lego sets that interest me. I had no idea how, but come Christmas 2005, I believe, and I got all six Toa Mata, complete with canisters and instructions! Ta-da!


onc pon time
I decided to not get krika and get a lego city fire truck instead
I have regrets
this is one of them
oh. and I have a positive one
so once I went to a store and the person asked if I liked lego
I said yes
she gave me a kanoka bag, lego cap, poster, bionicle shirt and a keychain
this was a great day
not much collection wise, but still sort of rare find
another one is once I went to an old toyshop
I found an aquaraiders set from 1995
I got this set, I also went to a not so old stationary shop last year and found this


I remember borrowing my mom's nail polish, and painting on my 09 Clone Troopers. Later, I tried to get it off with remover, and a dude's chest paint came off because I had no idea that would happen


I got all the stars, nuff said.

For Christmas '02, I begged and begged my parents for Cahdok and Gahdok. I got a Tahnok and a Gahlok. -.- (Not that I'm ungrateful. It was just a bit of a letdown.)


I remember in Christmas of 2005, I went to the tree and saw the presents underneath. I ripped a little tear in a canister-shaped one, and saw that it was a blue Visorak. I covered up the tear, and went away, satisfied that we got the Visorak.

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Out of the mistika I only got Krika, I don't regret it because Ninja Tahu looked bretty pad

Anything looking bretty pad should NEVER be bought. Like ever.

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