Color Schemes for Future Toa?

With the first two sets of Toa released, we can definitely see LEGO likes to give some daring accent colors to their sets. Personally, I like it a lot, That being said, what colors would you like to see with future Toa?

TBH, I would love it if LEGO gave the Toa gold as their metallic colors.

Accent Color Schemes would be these:

  • Kopaka - White with Orange and Trans. Light Blue Maybe with a Silver or Gold if it works.

  • Pohatu - Burnt Orange with Dark Tan and Gold Maybe with Trans. Neon Green if it looks good with the other colors

  • Tahu - Red with Trans. Reddish Orange, Gold, and accents of Magenta Pink.

  • Lewa - Green Lantern Green with Trans. Apple Green, Gold, and small accents of Medium Azure or Lime.

  • Onua - Black with Trans. Purple, Gold, and accents of Magenta Pink

  • Gali - Dark Azure with Trans. Blue, Gold, and small accents of Red.


I would like to see a future 7th Toa (who might be Takanuva) with Warm Gold with Yellow,Trans-Yellow & little bits of White. To what a Toa of Light might look like.

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Kopaka- White and Metru Blue accents with Trans Light Blue with Gold armoring.

Pohatu- Burnt orange and Metru Red accents with Trans Neon Yellow or Trans Apple Green with Silver armoring.

Tahu- Red and Trans Orange with Trans Yellow accents with Gold armoring.

Lewa- Green Lantern Green and trans Mata Green with Keetorange accents and Silver armoring.

Gali- Blue and Trans Blue with Purple/Green/Orange accents and Silver armoring.

Onua- Black and Trans Purple with Trans Clear accents with Gold armoring.




Ooh! Trans white! That would look cool as an accent.


Nope train now boarding.


I really, really want Lego to make a teal Toa.

Oh how I hope and pray that they will but today I am still just a bill.


Kopaka- he should be mostly bleak with whites greys some silver and slight accents of dark green

Tahh- from bottom working up to the top blue accents on the feet into red, keet orange, then maybe a little yellow and just a couple white spikes at the top this way he simulates a real fire! He can keep the gold but just in a smaller capacity compared to 2016

Gali- I’m throughly satisfied with her current one if I had to change it I would make its all trans light blue for bones then a mix of azure and trans dark blue with slight hints of either a seaweed or seafoam green, maybe switch her silver with copper

Lewa- keep the trans Apple green a little and add mata green metru green and lime green in layers to blend throughout like foliage and just a few accents of yellow

Onua- another pretty solid current color scheme but if I had to I would keep his black, ditch the purple in favor or a lot more tans clear to simulate Quartz and maybe the new trans black they’re using on lava beast. Instead of gold he should have a dark silver, or maybe make it look a tarnished silver since he should be underground and covered in dust and small debris.

Finally pohatu!- while I may be alone m saying I love his current 2016 color scheme! I will submit this alternate, dark tan and a little light tan burnt orange is out in favor of a burnt umber, and if possible I would like Lego to somehow simulate wear on his colors and shells as if he’s actually constantly humping through a desert storm, maybe gradation on individual shells or simulates scratches, and I think I would still keep the trans neon green or Lego could make if actual trans yellow, and he still need silver boots!


honestly, I loved the 2015 color schemes and think some are better than the 2016 ones, but if there are 2017 toa, I would like this for their colors

Tahu: Red, Gold, trans orange, accents of dark azure

Kopaka: White, Gold, trans blue with metru blue accents

Gali: honestly her 2016 colors scheme is perfect to me

Lewa: again, I like his 2016 color scheme, just have more green lantern green and less silver

Onua: Black, trans purple, gold

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I like the current color schemes a lot, but these color schemes sounds pretty good to me!

Metru colors with gray accents. /s


You’re one of a kind.

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I want Gali to have Medium Azure, Tan and trans white to look like a beach.


Personally, I think a callback to the original colours, but still with the inclusion of metallics. Personally, I never minded that look. Something like this:

Tahu: Mata Red (Of course) with a secondary of metru red, with trans-blue accents and gold armour plates (as in add-ons and such. Perhaps in place of the metru red).

Kopaka: White, secondary of light grey, with gold highlights.

Pohatu: Brown with burnt orange as a secondary. Dark tan highlights.

Onua: Black and Purple. Metallic highlights. Pretty much the same as he is now.

Gali: Mata Blue, with a silver secondary and orange highlights.

Lewa: Mata green with a secondary of trans-green, highlights of brown and silver.

Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t really care what the colour schemes were if lego would stop using the red and blue pins. I would even forgive them if Tahu was pink.

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I don’t know why but even know that I’m older and have returned to bionicle and do a lot more mocing, I’m still not bothered by red and blue pins. But I respect and understand your want for them gone, also I think it would be cool to see pink on tahu purely based on how gutsy of a move Lego would be making