Colossal Kaiju Combat

Colossal Kaiju Combat is a planned video game franchise being created by Sunstone Games at the moment and is the spiritual successor to the Godzilla Atari Trilogy. It is a fighting game that will have two kinds of characters, licensed characters (I.e. Godzilla, Pacific Rim Monsters, Bionicle titans (none of these characters in the first parentheses have been acquired yet unfortunately)) and community original characters were you can submit one of your own Kaiju to the forums in hopes that it will be one of the ones selected, though it's more likely for your Kaiju to get into the card game than the video games due to the card game being the first checkpoint for your Kaiju to get in, heck I've gotten one of my Kaiju into the card game. In fact here's his card image.

You can also readjust one of your MOC's backstories and submit them! I may link to the forums later if you are aloud to link to sites which allow minimal blood and curse words. But for now just search Kaiju Combat Forums Original Monster Submissions were you should find the site. Heck maybe we can get some Bionicle titans in there if BIONICLE's reboot may make some that are 30$.

I remember that.

I found it because of Godzilla NES.

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I'm not into the Godzilla community much.