Colossal Squid

The main inspiration is Cthulhu… He is a mutated rahi, a squid with the powa of a Makuta, this is his regular form, he rules the deep sea as The Lord of the Tentacles. In this form he was made only with Kalmah pieces(that was the goal) and the little squid thing is a squid engineer(its him before the transformation)

He aids Artificial Toas

But sheet is about to get real when he use his special shapeshifting ability…

He gets stronger…

And bigger… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Custom head desing

Finger articulation

Concept and ideas… Make a Kaijulike Cthulhu with 2 kalmah sets/1 Jaller/1 hewkii and other stuff. Btw Im poor so I used pieces that I got, I would like to add more wing pieces to him in a future.


A bit cluttered, but I like it.

*sees first pics *
Aww, lil baby squi-
*sees other pics *

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Oh My God He’s Davey Jones!
Find where that is from

“But sheet is about to get real” xD

He doesn’t look like a colossal squid, but pretty cool.
(Seriously, though, he looks nothing like this:, So I would change the title.)


An interesting MoC. I was confused by the first few pictures. I don’t understand why they’re there.

When I saw the first few pictures I was kind of confused, but when I saw the pictures later on, it made more sense. Nice job

still don’t understand the first three pictures…

######plz explain

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The MOC seems too cluttered as well as the colour distribution of the black seems off.

I have a jar of dirt!


It is actually from a Bobsheaux review

But that was also what this Moc reminded it of first

Oh wow this is a really nice looki-


I got to say this looks pretty great.
Though it looks like it needs more black.

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The yellow squid thing is the previous form before he transforms in to the red one.

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