(Colour ver) Guardian Lewa

Spruced up the Lewa picture a little bit.

… can’t say the same for the background.


That is awesome! It looks computer-generated!

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I like how you did the details on Lewa and the Bohrok’s head is pretty cute. I would maybe make Toa’s head little bigger or maybe give it more shading, because I feel like it doesn’t quite mach the style. But overall, very nice drawing!

Cool! the details are amazing! i like the colors you used!

This looks outstanding. I love your style here, and the coloring looks incredibly slick. While the background is a tad plain, I really enjoy what you’ve done here.

Also, it’s Lewa, and he is always the best.


its a nice image, lewa is great but that bohrok looks great. makes me want to get him ( only 2002 bohrok i havent got yet )