Combiner 01

This basically 6 characters combining, hence the name. Please keep in mind that this is my first combiner. Please post if you can think of a name.
Here is the combined form:

Compared to my self-MoC:

Compared to Grevious:

All 3 compared:

The legs:

The arms:

The body and face:

And a group shot:


It’s a little bit messy but I like it.

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It give off a very Toa Kiata vibe. Your self MOC seems to be missing a lower arm, and has a rather long neck.

well the name could be better
I also like that little Ekimu like guy, which would be better with a gold unity piece than a silver one
But nice job

Messy, but I approve.

This is pretty neat, especially for your first attempt at a combiner

Really messy but the components are alright.

This thing is HUGE. I love the fact that they can actually combine without major disassembly of the smaller mocs.

He looks a bit jumbled, but that can be expected from a combiner

A bit too “Live-Action Transformers to me”, but I can see how this concept can go in some great directions!

Actually the lower right arm is folded upwards to rest the sword on the shoulder.

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messy not color coded but as you said it is a combo so i let you off the hook
Other than that it`s alright actually

Why do you have my shelf setup lolThe combined form is kinda messy, but it looks fine for it. The smaller figures work well on their own, too, which is good for combining stuffs.

The build is alright but all the colors seems jumbled and the combined form needs work. I’d recommend also making each component a few different builds and colors so they look like a combiner similar to the transformers combiners having different looking forms and colors for the limbs.