COMBINER: The Pirate Twins (Monochrome MOC Contest)

Ayyy, your friendly neighborhood spoopy skeleton is back with a new MOC!
This is also my second Combiner MOC, combining two small MOCs I made for the “12 days of Christmas Challenge”, the Pirate Swordsman, and the Pirate Defender! So without further ado, presenting… The Pirate Twins!

Did I mention they’re fused together? Because they are. (Front)



“Yarr, we be fused together! Ye cannot stop us!” (this is a pose.)

This is a closer look at the weapon. Sword guns. Or something.

This is a build. (RUN THE SUN EXPLODED)

Suprisingly, this MOC can stand on one leg. (THE SUN EXPLODED AGAIN)

So that’s it for this MOC, it’s uh, garbage. Also it was built for the Monochrome MOC Contest, so, that’s cool, I guess.

and sorry about the terrible lighting, i’m working on that. :wink:


One small problem with this moc. As an entry for the monochrome moc contest, it sure has a lot of color.


The color doesn’t bother me, but the build is very smush.