Combining Kanoka Disks of the Same Power?

Hello Greg,

You’ve said before that combining two Kanoka disks of the same power doesn’t produce a new power, but instead produces the same power as the combined two.[1][2][3] This makes perfect sense, but could there still be a reason that a Matoran crafter would want to combine two disks of the same power?

For example, say you have two level 5 Teleport disks that have been used, meaning some of their power has been drained (as you’ve said before, Kanoka disks have a finite amount of uses before losing power completely[4][5]). Could combining the two Teleport disks into one create a disk that has the combined power from the individual two, which would effectively be “repairing” it?

I don’t know how familiar you are with Minecraft, but it has a very similar method for repairing in game tools, as shown below:



Greg has said before that Matoran don’t combine disks of different power levels:

The first quote specifies that there is “no point” in combining disks of different power levels, which eliminates the possibility of “fixing” disks.

That’s not what I asked.

I’m assuming one is combining disks of the same power level and same power. All we know from established canon so far is that this would only create one disk of that power, so you’re effectively wasting a disk. However, the reason I asked if doing so would also “restore” the energy of the disk (since Kanoka have finite use) is that would give combing disks of the same power some use.

Oh shoot, yeah, my bad. In that case, I was able to find a couple of quotes saying that Kanoka cannot be recharged once they are out of power:

Although it is admittedly unclear whether these would still apply to your hypothetical scenario, or if it is closer to “recycling” than “recharging”.