Combining Kanoka Disks of the Same Power?

Hello Greg,

You’ve said before that combining two Kanoka disks of the same power doesn’t produce a new power, but instead produces the same power as the combined two.[1][2][3] This makes perfect sense, but could there still be a reason that a Matoran crafter would want to combine two disks of the same power?

For example, say you have two level 5 Teleport disks that have been used, meaning some of their power has been drained (as you’ve said before, Kanoka disks have a finite amount of uses before losing power completely[4][5]). Could combining the two Teleport disks into one create a disk that has the combined power from the individual two, which would effectively be “repairing” it?

I don’t know how familiar you are with Minecraft, but it has a very similar method for repairing in game tools, as shown below: