Come to Daddy

A MOC made in summer of 2017,inspired by Aphex Twin’s music video “Come to Daddy”
Full album here(please excuse my poor camera skills) : Come to Daddy - Google Drive
Update:Ven has just reviewed this MOC.I am so thankful.



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Very ominous; I just wish there were more pictures.

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That’s pretty cool. I think my favorite part is the stomach area. The tubes and spine thing look really cool

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i will eat your soul.

The video was weird, but this is flat out awesome.

I think you missed the link to the album on google drive.
Or is it not working?

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Ah, sorry, I missed that.

Its ok.Theres like 5 people that clicked the link out of the 40 that liked the post.
I would have added more,but at that point my account was half an hour old,so I wasnt allowed to do so.

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Reminds me of those cartoon episodes where a sentient machine makes itself even a body out of scrap and wires; I like it.

Yeah,thats probably what my subconscious was going for,although my main source of inspiration probably was the absolute `&!@-ton of tube pieces I had lying around.

UM, excuse me?! I’ll have you know that it was I who made a moc with a screen for a face first! And you were inspired by a song? What is wrong with you! I’ll have you speak to my layer.


Joking aside, this is a really cool and well done moc. The shaping is really nice and I love the cables. 9/10 I ship our mocs.


Woah, that’s certainly an interesting design.

Ok, so, this looks awesome! I really love all the wires and cables. Also, this reminds me of Dominus Ambus


Glad I’m not the only one who thought of him.

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daddy/hachi fanfiction when?

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Is it inspired by the robot from the 2003 TMNT series?

It may as well be,because my childhood memories are quite unspecific,though the thing that really motivated me to make the tv-head is still the music video.

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I want your soul. I will eat your soul.

I saw this topic on the hot topics bar, but didn’t click on it because I mistook the picture for a computer monitor and some trash bags.

Needless to say, I am quite happy to be wrong. This MOC is pretty cool.