NAME: Comerana

POWER: super strength, enhanced consumption and digestion.

BIO: Vorgana is the wife of the tyrannical leader Drog, she is very kind, caring and happy, but when her berserker side is unleashed her belly splits open and she goes into a ravenous frenzy chomping down on anyone or anything near her.

WAEPON: teeth >:]


Cool moc. Though you should change the category. Mocs go under lego creations.

ohhhhh, thnx for the info m8, just started posting on here and I’m still getting used to how this site works.

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No problem. If you need any help with anything else, just send me a PM (Private Message) and ask.

I uh… would like to ask where you got your inspiration

she’s atleast stable but bland with black and silver



Is this based on what I think it is?


This is certainly an interesting MoC… the build overall’s not bad, maybe it could’ve been highlighted with some more diversity in the coloring. The belly part reminds me of the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls, but maybe I’m just saying that because I beat that boss two days ago.


Probably. Depends on what you’re thinking.

Inspiration…? Well, I wanted to make a pregnant moc, that’s bout it. and I would make her more colorful but I don’t have many colorful parts. ,;D

The concept is… interesting. And defiantly original. The execution is well done, and I really don’t mind the colors.

Yes, yes it is >:]

ok i dont care about most of everything else but

this actually bugs me
it looks so out of place


I assume it’s supposed to represent the curve of the upper shin/lower leg/calve/whatever(correct me) though considering the printing…

Fenrakk has a lot of explaining to do with Vezon.


If it wasn’t for the huge head on the stomach and the back of the lower legs this would be an amazing moc.
But yeah, I’m not a fan of the head.
Maybe you could try removing the large head and filling the gap in then seeing what it looks like.
Also I’d love to know how those upper legs where made, they looks great!


JMP is right on the money, and yes it kinda bugs me too, but at the time I took these pics I didn’t have the parts to correct it.

normally MOCs usually have nothing in the back or atleast something decorative but not in that capacity. While it may look nice from an anatomical standpoint I guess, it doesn’t work. The shaping doesn’t work the leg(considering it’s Bonkles and legos), so I assume it blocks posability?

Just deleted a lot of comments, please don’t be offended. What was discussed before is not really suitable for the boards. Please just review the MoC for what it is. : )


thanks man.

That’s… interesting.

The back of the shins bugs me, like others said. I would just use the standard versions of that black rounded add on. The color scheme could be brighter as well.

It’s quite well made, though. Nice work.