Comet Carver

The unexpected return of the ill-fated LMS Explorer led to a surge in venture capital. With governments and common minifigures wary of existing space technology, if a meteor could disable a capital ship, new engineering organizations proposed all sorts of solutions.
Jointly developed by Krysto Enterprises and AlphaCorp, the Comet Carver extended the concepts of the now-famous Granite Grinder into a format suitable for quick outer-space missions. An dual RF-class neural network was trained to identify stray materials with the potential to harm its mother ship, as well as identify the optimal drilling path to disintegrate it into negligible matter using an MBA-K7 obsidian drill.

My previous MOC, the Crust Crawler, was built using parts of two sets. However, it was small enough that I had enough parts to build something new. I’ve also been playing a lot of the Rock Raiders videogame remake, Manic Miners, and figured the parts I had left might allow me to build a drill on wheels, like the Granite Grinder.

Got a bit parts-strapped towards the end of this; and I had to sacrifice a full minifigure-scale cockpit in favor of the AI enclosure. Nevertheless, I think it’s good enough to live on the desk with my other recent MOCs for a bit. Comments/critique appreciated, as always.