Comic book sizes?

So I was going through my Bionicle comics and I noticed something strange. The size of the comics changed. Here for comparison are two comics I got at a comic book store compared to the first Bionicle comic I got with the Lego magazine in 2008. Does anyone know why there is a size difference and if anyone has a more comprehensive collection to see when the change happened?


looks like it happened at the beginning of 2006.

Here is the last issue of 2005, the “super-sized first issue” of 2006, and the first normal issue of 2006.

You may also be interested to know that two of the issues from 2003 were super small, even smaller than the post-06 issues


Huh. Now I’m wondering if this was a wider trend in the comic industry at the time, or if it was specifically for the Bionicle series?

I never really noticed that the Ignition comics were “shorter” than earlier ones (though I did notice they were shorter in page count from around 2007 onwards).

I also found it strange that those two '03 comics were mini-sized, though I swear I once came across a larger size copy of issue 10 at a comic book store. It might’ve just been a dream, though.


Yes this size difference is real. To be fair, LEGO material like catalogs also had a size reduction for a time, I wanna say between 2007 and 2010 IIRC (see below).

My theory is that LEGO was trying to save paper under a smaller print production, yet they did go back to standard size.

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