Coming of Toa (World of Akara)


Coming of Toa is the current main story in Demigo Storyline, set in the world of Akara, my attempt at making an iteration of BIONICLE. Demigo Storyline is not related to Lost Aeons or to Haona Ri Chronicles, being its own thing. I still want to someday return to Lost Aeons, but it will be a rewritten version.

I made Akara because I wanted to write a BIONICLE story, but was unable to properly plan. Therefore, many things about the story are yet to be decided. A properly planned setting will come later. (Or possibly sooner. I am not sure.)

Without further ado, I introduce you to the main story in Demigo Storyline and world of Akara:


Part of Demigo Storyline

Six Heroes, One Destiny.
The centre of the world. Seat of the Great Spirit. Kapu Ahni.
Centuries ago, the sacred fire of Mata Nui has been extinguished. It is prophesized that the Toa shall come to rekindle the fire and awaken the Great Spirit.
All that is originates in the stars.
Behold. Work of Demigo lies in chaos, shadows creeping around the fire of reality.
Prismatic Fire is fading…
Deep below the surface, the Primordial Darkness stirs.
Look above and below to discover the truth.

Chapter 1-A Burning Star Descends

Segment A-Awakening

He awakened from his slumber. All around him, there was darkness. Then, light appeared from above, allowing him to see. He was standing inside a cylindrical room, its walls made out of shinning metal. He could see his reflection in the wall, a tall figure of red and orange wearing a Mask of Power.

Before him, there was a two piece sliding door, closed. Besides the door stood a panel displaying the Sign of Fire, while on the other side, a thin, elongated pipe of orange color was leaning against the wall.

So I am still in my place of sleep…

Once he made sure of his surroundings, he strode swiftly forward, and grabbed the pipe. In his hand, the tube morphed into a sword. “Who dares to wake me, the great Tahu from my sleep? Show yourself!” Only reply was the echo.

Unsettled, Tahu stopped for a bit. He remembered something Artaka told him before he went to sleep.

When Uru-Arua grows dark, descend to Akara to light the fire.

Something seemed strange about the sentence. It was like it was torn from its context. Then, he realized something.

Wait… Who exactly is this Artaka?
Why I cannot remember? Why?!

When he tried to recall, Tahu found out that he forget most of his memories during his long sleep, retaining only a few fragments, scattered deep inside his mind. He gathered these memories, trying to piece them together.

He knew he was a Toa, (but what was that supposed to mean was unclear to him) and that his name was Tahu. There were five other Toa, six in total. Like him, the others slept for centuries inside cylindrical chambers, waiting to be awakened when time is right.

When the time for them to awaken came, the Toa were supposed to work together to complete some sort of great quest, but he could not remember at all what its purpose was.

Tahu was unable to remember most persons, places and events. He knew that there were five other Toa. He also could remember that someone named Artaka existed, and was ally of the Toa, and that there were two places called Uru-Arua and Akara respectively. He knew that many centuries ago, he went to rest in this very place, sleeping a wakeless sleep, until something, or someone, awakened him.

All six of the Toa had power over an element, each wielding different one. This power was innate, but could be better channeled through their instrument. Tahu could not remember the names and powers of others, but he knew he was the Toa of Fire.

Segment B-Power of Fire

Tahu was rather angered that he could not remember. Almost all his memories were mysteriously gone, as if wiped by an unknown hand.

“This is certainly the work of the thrice cursed Disruptor!” he muttered angrily, before realizing that he could not remember what he was talking about, again.

Fortunately, he could at least remember some of his capabilities.

Tahu knew that he, being Toa of Fire, had power over the element of Fire, amplified by and channeled through his Instrument of Fire, which could change shape between two forms. If he needed a physical tool, he could choose to use Searing Sword. Being sword, it could be used to cut through objects. Already sharp, its cutting capabilities could be further improved if heated by Tahu’s elemental powers.

If a conflict came, Tahu could use his sword as a weapon. Mechanoid beings were fortunately resistant to being damaged by ordinary weapons, their special armor of a peculiar metal shielding them from many forms of damage. In a fight, the primary goal was to instead knock off the opponent’s mask, at least in case of honorable fighters. Mechanoids needed Kanohi masks to function properly. Without mask, a mechanoid would be greatly weakened, eventually falling into an unnatural sleep. Thusly, weapons in a honorable fight would be used to topple the opponent and remove their mask, not to injure them.

Unfortunately, not all were honorable, and there were weapons and other means able to hurt, maim or kill a mechanoid. Some mechanoids lacked sapience, being merely wild animals, and those could not be excepted to follow codes of honor.

In addition to being a tool and a weapon, Searing Sword could also be used to channel Tahu’s elemental powers. In this it was sufficient, but if he needed to focus on his command over fire, he could choose to transform his tool into the Dragon Pipe.

To use the Dragon Pipe, Tahu would heat air inside the pipe, the flames spewing from its ends like a dragon’s breath, then bending to his will. Outer coating of the pipe was made out of an isolating material to protect Tahu from scorching heat of pipe’s fiery insides. The pipe was specifically designed to amplify his elemental powers, being carved with same Runes of Power that give power to Kanohi masks.

His own Kanohi mask held a great power, but Tahu knew not how to use it and what that power even was in first place. This frustrated Tahu, again reminding him of his amnesia.

Tahu knew that Kanohi masks held power inside them, through not all were able to use this power. In right hands, Kanohi could achieve great things. Some masks were more powerful than others, and few held a legendary, world changing, power.

Segment C-Entering Ta-Wahi

Having gathered his thoughts, Tahu placed his hand upon the control panel. The door to the cylindrical chamber split in two, both pieces sliding into the wall. As opening widened, Tahu stared, confusion being visible in his green, glowing eyes.

This place… it is not Uru-Arua. Where am I? And why I am here? The Disruptor…it must be his doing!

“What in name of Demigo is this trickery?!” Tahu shouted to the empty room.

Scattered pieces of memories flowed confusedly through his head. He could now remember that Arua was name of the world he and other Toa came from. There were several worlds composing the known universe, Arua being especially ancient. Uru-Arua was located in center of the world of Arua. It was a great city of many inhabitants, watched over by a wise being called Artaka.

Who Demigo was, Tahu could not remember, but he knew they were important on a cosmic scale. Who the Disruptor was was as mysterious as before, through Tahu vaguely remembered that this unknown foe was connected to something extremely ancient. He could not remember name or nature of this ancient force, but he distinctly remembered that some claimed that it was somehow older than the universe.

Tahu returned to examining the unfamiliar place that laid beyond the door. Whatever it was, it clearly was not Uru-Arua. Before him, a wide open landscape could be seen, its incredible vastness utterly different from distantly familiar halls and chambers of Uru-Arua. Tahu stepped outside the open door, noticing that he was standing inside a crater, cut into the ground by some great impact. He climbed out.

Before Tahu’s eyes stretched a landscape of grassy plains, interrupted by hills and rocky cliffs. Along with grass, bushes grew in this land, bearing round, thorny fruit. Tahu could see smoke rising from the ground, and noticed that in many places, foliage seemed to be younger than in others. It seemed there were many wildfires in this fiery place.

In distance a smoking volcano towered over the land. Closer the landscape was to the volcano, more scorched and desolate it was. Tahu could spot flows of molten lava in distance.

This is a place of fire. Fitting that I arrived here.

Above stood the sky, a vast expanse of blue in which floated imposing clouds. In each of four directions shone a sun, while the fifth sat at the apex of the sky. Tahu was thankful that his eyes could withstand the searingly bright light of the suns, allowing him to examine these heavenly lights.

Looking back, he saw that he just exited a great cylinder of reflective metal, standing tall inside the burnt and scorched crater. Tahu then realized something. The chamber where he slept for millennia was located inside a container, which managed to somehow detach from Uru-Arua and fall to this strange world.

This is the place Artaka spoke of. Akara.


ooh this seems interesting so far. I like how you recreated the initial awakening for Tahu, and the similarities to the official lore while being different.

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ooo cool


Very intriguing

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It seems that quite a few people like the story. Thanks!

I do not have Chapter Two (it will be coming soon), but I have details on writing process of Demigo Storyline. So if anyone is interested, here they are:

At first, I was not sure if I would write past the first chapter. But as I wrote more and more, I realized I liked the world I created and wanted to continue. The properly planned story will still come, but it seems that I have swill to write at least some more chapters.

In addition to that, the people who read this story also are evidently curious to see more, and I want to provide that. Chapter One is now finished at three segments, and Chapter Two will come soon. Not all chapters will have three segments. Number and length of segments will vary according to circumstances.

I want to provide the readers with something that is good to read. I noticed that Segment C of Chapter 1 was somewhat strange. A section was unfinished, while another had unclear wording and was too short. I changed these, and made other improvements to Segment C.

I think I am known on the boards for sometimes writing rambling nonsense due to being tired. Since I am now less tired due to change in medication, I think this will happen less often, but I am not sure.

Another reason why I am more motivated is that I have more of an idea what I am writing about. At first, I had only basic idea of what I want to do, especialy before starting writing. Still, I had a vague idea of what I wanted. The main twist of Demigo Storyline dates from this time, and remains to this day.

It was during writing of Segment A that I truly came up with a proper idea. As I wrote segments B and C, this idea became clearer, and I came up with lot more ideas on world of Akara. I also now have a rough map of Kapu Ahni for internal purposes, so I know its layout, and have a rough idea of where is where. This could accelerate the writing process.

If someone has questions about the setting, feel free to ask. Some answers will be in spoilers, so please use spoilers when discussing these answers before they are revealed in the story. Note that not all questions can be answered conclusively, either because their importance to the story, or because I myself am not sure, so sometimes the answers will be vague or non-answers.