Commander Ferro-Schiss

One of the most successful and dominant battlefield commanders the galaxy has ever known. His prowess in military strategy is second to none. But unlike some commanders who shy away from direct combat themselves, Ferro-Schiss relishes in joining the front lines and slaughtering enemy troops with his own blade.

The most glaring thing about this MOC is the body proportions - the really thin waist with really wide shoulders. I realize some will be turned off by that. But this guy is an alien species, so I didn’t want him to have humanoid proportions. I think if I could have exaggerated the body even more, I would have.


He is a literaL T torso


Amazing as usual :grinning:
but the waist is a little to thin

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The limbs are cool, but he’s got a T torso.

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Amazing as usual :grinning:
but the waist is a little to thin


I know, right? I mean how could this species ever hope to give birth with narrow hips like that?

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Looks really cool, but the Tahu sword doesn’t really work with the aesthetic the rest of the MOC has.

Great job! :smile:

That’s a good call. A heavy axe or some weapon with a more barbaric look would have probably matched a lot better.

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Ooh, that would look great!

The MOC looks great, but I love the colour scheme!

Really like this guy nice color scheme good build and the cape looks really good on him

it needs teeth

Interesting. The color scheme, while kind of bizarre, is mostly well-distributed.

The color scheme looks great, but the waist is definitely too thin

The color scheme works really well, although I wish there was more contrast with the cape.

They probably lay eggs

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And maybe they puke out the eggs instead of excreting them from below the waist lol.

And where do the intestines stomach and lungs go?

nice, a bit skinny, you’d imagine a character like this to have more buff to him. Unless he is dominant in the battlefield as a warrior of skill and technique, rather than brute strength. Either way, needs a lil more bulk. Other then that, frickin awesome! 8/10


rly m8


Yes sir it does. I was afraid it was cheesy because it was too obvious. But maybe it’s not that obvious?

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