Commission build shi v2

Just a simple revamp of my first commission
This version mostly changes the colors so they look a little closer to her oc while having a bionicle style form. I also built new weapons to match my oc Rhaea’s sword and shield. I tried adding a chest / chestplate but I couldn’t find one that looked right on her.

Mini gun can store just like on the first version along with her other weapons

Shi and rhaea (yeah. The scales aren’t the best but Rhaea is an old moc by now. Shi was built in 2015 master scale.)


I mean, it’s not horrible, but it’s certainly not great either. It’s got an awkward look to it, especially with the shoulder spikes, and the colors are both an odd combination and awkwardly placed. As a build it seems somewhat bland-looking, although the construction seems pretty good, and the back just looks weird all around. I’m also not a fan of the asymettry on the arm-or.

Overall I’d split the score right down the middle with a 5/10. It’s not good, but it certainly ain’t bad.

My suggestions? fix up the back a little, redistribute the colors, and put something on the chest.


Certainly has a more BIONICLE look but that hair is not how hair should look like…

I like rhaea

Yeah. I designed her for the gods of mythology community project so she’s a

I met her on a rp site I’m on and shi’s her oc. Rhaea is my oc on that site. I figured she did 2 pics of Rhaea so I’d try to do something similar.


I haven’t heard that name in a long time.
Where did you hear that?