Commission build; shi

Just a commission build for my friends character

Unfortunately this was difficult with pink being nonexistent and my low collection of mata red so I switched to orange. Also I think we all know anime to bionicle doesn’t translate well ussually so I did my best to get her hair and lighter color as the main details. I guess just consider her a bionicle 2015 version of the design.

For those of you interested in the gun / knife design.

Comments and criticism are welcome though with this being a commission I’ll likely not update her. I will probably use it on other Mocs though.


looks pretty groovy, nice work

The colors are just all over the place.

Yeah. The idea was orange and yellow with trans orange details and the purple hair. I still like it though.

I see

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Kinda messy, but I like the build.

The build’s really nice looking, but the colors could use some work. Neat techniques, though!

I’m not a fan of the color scheme at all. But over ask I like the design, and the minigun itself was built in pretty well.

Minion? You mean the pohatu mask?

Autocorrect changed minigun to minion. Sorry for the confusion.

Apart from the colors being all over the place, nice job

The color scheme is problematic. The distribution could be FAR better.

The build’s pretty cool though, and the gun construction is creative.

It certainly is… colorful. I like the creative build

Toa of Rainbows?
A lot of colors in there, not sure how I feel about it. Design isn’t half bad though.

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Not to disagree but I’m not seeing all the colors. Orange and yellow armor with silver and trans red highlights and gold mask and purple hair. Seems pretty normal for gen 2minus the 2 different yellows.

I’ll be honest. I do not like this MOC. But I think you can improve it by:

  1. Having more of a color scheme… The colors are everywhere and I think that it makes it unique, makes it ugly and an eye sore.
  2. Using a different mask… This is kinda going with my first point. Having the infected Onua mask is a good concept, but the mask doesn’t go with the color scheme. Perhaps use gold in the color scheme or loose the mask entirely.

I don’t think this is a bad MOC, I think it just needs some work.

The build isn’t bad, the the color scheme needs work.