Community Art Farts

Not sure if this should go in Community, Pandemic Panda or Creative Content so I put it here

I don’t know if anybody else did this but during the Art Farts epsiode I decided to join in and do some of my own art and I wondered if anybody else did it as well. Anyway this is what I did during art farts; if you did anything as well, feel free to post it.

I may have taken longer than 1 minute to do these (and by that I mean 1.5-3 minutes)
Also I included a few extra cast members.

Meso I went for the classic skull combined with his actual face.
Eljay I did the same thing with the Miru.
For Prpldragon I went for a more…literal approach (also she’s painting a picture).
Var is the Kakama from his Self-MoC+ beard and hair (which I may have gone overboard with.
Kahi I tried (and failed) to do the Calix from his Self-MoC + his hair and glasses. It didn’t turn out so good.
Ven I couldn’t remeber what mask he wore and I wanted to do more than just draw his face and the only thing I remember him doing recently is getting a Switch so…
Phweffie I just drew a Piraka with long hair…
I think you can tell what my thought process was for Exx.
Invi I know very little about other than that he was gone for two years so I just drew that.

Feel free to post anything you drew in the topic as well I really don’t want to be the only person in this topic.


I like this idea. Might have to try it out myself some time.


Hm… I haven’t watched it yet. I’ll have to join in!

I regret everything


These are beautiful except Varderan is missing his beard

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He does actually have a beard, it’s just hard to see next to the mask

Oh ok I see it now

ta da

as you can see here eljay is making a very very important decision

to blue pin, or not to blue pin (whatever that means).

and i know i didn’t do it right shush


I made a piece where Eljay chased two Solekians with a chain saw.

That drawing is long gone though.

This is going to be interesting. I tend to not remember exactly what the characters look like (as far as drawing them) and also didn’t know what I wanted to do most of the time. Following the timer in the episodes didn’t help.

These are from the Ninjago episode


Original Garmadon with the golden weapons.



Now for the Chima episode



Cragger. The tail was a last-second addition.

For the draw any Chima character bit, I chose Flumminox.

Star Wars

Rey. This one isn’t that bad.

Finn. I forgot he has hair.

Kylo Ren. My friend told me he heard a kid on a playground say what Kylo’s saying here.


Thor Ragnarok


Hela. I hadn’t seen the film and I was basing this off the Battle for Asgard set. The stand thing she is standing on there and the helmet reminded me of Lord Business, hence the quote.

The Hulk.


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