Community MOC Project: G1 Toa Teams

So here you’ll do a revamp of a pre-existing Toa or a MOC based on one not seen in set form, such as Nidhiki.

If they have a name and are described in story they must resemble it, if not, go wild and make up your own name if they don’t have one.

Can you also help me think of names for the unnamed Toa Teams, such as Dume’s.

You can do a maximum of 3 Toa, if you pick 2 or 3 but all Toa are used up and someone else wants to join, you may be politely asked to give on of them up.

You can make your own topics for them I’d you want.

When posting the MOC use a this title template:

Community g1 Toa: name

And lay it out like this:

Toa Team:

This is so they are all recognisable of being part of this project.

MOCs that have obviously been rushed and not done to the best of your ability won’t count.

I hope lots of you will join. Just tell me which Toa you would like to do and I will put your name down. Here are the Toa:

Toa Mata

Tahu- Toa Mata of Fire @Mrblackpants
Gali- Toa Mata of Water @PakariNation99
Lewa- Toa Mata of Air @GIF_Man_Ben
Onua- Toa Mata of Earth @PakariNation99
Pohatu- Toa Mata of Stone @Toa_Aveex
Kopaka- Toa Mata of Ice @Winterstorm345

Toa Nuva

Tahu- Toa Nuva of Fire @Winterstorm345
Gali- Toa Nuva of Water @Sammythekat
Lewa- Toa Nuva of Air @Peelacar
Onua- Toa Nuva of Earth
Pohatu- Toa Nuva of Stone
Kopaka- Toa Nuva of Ice @MakutaTexxidos

Toa Phantoka

Lewa- Toa Phantoka of Air
Pohatu- Toa Phantoka of Stone @Omega_Tahu
Kopaka- Toa Phantoka of Ice @ToaKhrazix

Toa Mistika

Tahu- Toa Mistika of Fire @Omega_Tahu
Onua- Toa Mistika of Earth @Mrblackpants
Gali- Toa Mistika of Water

Toa Metru

Vakama- Toa Metru of Fire @Silver_Falcon
Nokama- Toa Metru of Water @Xing1870
Matau- Toa Metru of Air
Whenua- Toa Metru of Earth @Sammythekat
Onewa- Toa Metru of Stone @Stoax
Nuju- Toa Metru of Ice @CarumSarene

Toa Hordika

Vakama- Toa Hordika of Fire
Nokama- Toa Hordika of Water
Matau- Toa Hordika of Air. @TheRed1s
Whenua- Toa Hordika of Earth
Onewa- Toa Hordika of Stone @Khalsa721
Nuju- Toa Hordika of Ice @Sammythekat

Toa Inika

Jaller- Toa Inika of Fire
Hahli- Toa Inika of Water
Kongu- Toa Inika of Air @Sammythekat
Nuparu- Toa Inika of Earth @BobaFetaCheese
Hewkii- Toa Inika of Stone
Matoro- Toa Inika of Ice

Toa Mahri

Jaller- Toa Mahri of Fire @RobotCyndaquil
Hahli- Toa Mahri of Water
Kongu- Toa Mahri of Air
Nuparu- Toa Mahri of Earth
Hewkii- Toa Mahri of Stone @Gray_Hewks
Matoro- Toa Mahri of Ice

Toa Mangai

Lhikan- Toa Mangai of Fire
Nidhiki- Toa Mangai of Air @darkbrick999
Tuyet- Toa Mangai of Water @Cyclopian
Naho- Toa Mangai of Water
Toa Mangai of Ice
Toa Mangai of Ice
Toa Mangai of Ice
Toa Mangai of Ice
Toa Mangai of Stone
Toa Mangai of Earth
Terkor- Toa Mangai of Plantlife @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air

’Toa Fortress’

(Led by Lhikan)
Toa of Plantlife
Toa of Plasma
Toa of Stone

Toa Hagah

Norik- Toa Hagah of Fire
Gaaki- Toa Hagah of Water
Pouks- Toa Hagah of Stone
Bomonga- Toa Hagah of Earth @Stoax
Kualus- Toa Hagah of Ice @Gringat
Iruini- Toa Hagah of Air @Mayple

Toa Cordak

Lesovikk- Toa Cordak of Air @PakariNation99
Nikila- Toa Cordak of Lightning @king328
Toa Cordak of Iron
Toa Cordak of Water
Toa Cordak of Fire
Toa Cordak of Sionics
Toa Cordak of Stone
Toa Cordak of Gravity

Toa Kra

Toa of Air
Toa of Water
Toa of Earth
Toa of Ice
Toa of Plasma

Toa Karda

Jovan- Toa of Magnetism
Toa of Psionics @Windfall
Toa of Gravity
Toa of Shadow
Toa of Iron @CakemanBIO
Weye- Toa if Lightning @Gilahu
Toa of Air

Toa Takenga

Orde- Toa of Psionics @Toa_Heatwave
Toa of Fire
Crienne- Toa of Iron @TheMoltenKing
Toa of Magnetism
Toa of Lighting
Toa of Earth
Toa of Lightning
Callik- Toa of Air @Gilahu
Toa of Water

Savage’s Toa Team

Savage- Toa of Earth
Toa of Fire
Toa of Water
Toa of Air
Toa of Stone @Windfall
Toa of Ice
Arashi- Toa of Lightning @MysteryMuffin
Toa of Iron @Hutere_the_Toa_Of_Air

Spinner’s Toa Team

Spinner- Toa of Air
Toa of Fire
Toa of Water
Toa of Ice
Toa of Iron
Toa of Plantlife
Toa of Plasma


Takanuva- Toa of Light @Likus
Helryx- Toa of Water @Toa_Heatwave
Krakua- Toa of Sionics
Toa Ignika @Peelacar
Varian- Toa of Psionics
Zaria- Toa of Iron @dinodig17why
Chiara- Toa of Lightning @Hydralex
Toa of Plasma
Toa of Plantlife
Toa of Gravity @DG_Eddie
Toa of Sonics
If you can think of any more Toa just tell me :slight_smile: and please link your topics into this one :slight_smile:


May I do Mangai of Plant life?

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Sure. Do you have a name in mind yet, or wait till the topic?




Am I missing a joke? Which one/s


You’re missing Zaria and Chiara :wink:
There are also the “Toa Fortress”, a former team of Lhikan’s. The ones known from that are one toa of plantlife and two other toa with unknown elements, but one carried a mace and another a flail.

If you wanna get technical, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix and Vastus might count, too. Mata-Nui gave them elemental powers and named them as such.


No I wasn’t making a joke. I was asking if I could do Toa Lewa Mata.

Also is there a time limit?

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Absolutely!!! I’ll put them anyway. So are you interested in doing one?

@GIF_Man_Ben just make sure in its within a reasonable length of time

@Gringat hope you do well :thumbsup: you’ll probably still have time to do one after your degree as this might be still going. On ain’t counting glatorian

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I am. I can’t focus on MOCing for the next couple months though. I have a degree to finish D:


Guess I’ll drop Takanuva in here and leave the rest up to anyone that wants to do them :v:


I’d like to do Matau Hordika


Make sure he’s beautiful, otherwise he’ll come to life and kill you :wink:


Well your MOC can’t be worse than the official set

@Matanui606 are you interested?


I had the mask so I figured I’d try something out


I would like to do Kopaka Nuva…to help me cool the whole zeks situation down…get it…cuz he is cool…like…toa…of ice? heh?


I’d love to, but I’m kinda strapped for parts to make good MOCs, maybe after I visit bricklink…


Ah bricklink the saviour of mocists

@MakutaTexxidos sure, sorry if I contributed to the Zeks situation :neutral_face:

Yeah, if I were to build anything now it’d probably end up a crappy inika build…

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I’ve seen some people execute an Inika build quite well to make a nice moc

@Matanui606 and those limits are really short which is a reason why people hate it.

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Yes, but it has it’s limits.