Community: Rules and Guidelines

This is for general discussion about the community at large. Anything you guys do as a community; general discussion, RPing, forum games, Game Nights and all go here.

Please note: if this is general discussion specifically about the site, that goes under "Site", but general discussion with the community goes under here.

  • Planning topics are only allowed if they're fan projects/events specifically revolving around TTV. If they're not, you'll have to wait and post them in Promotions.
  • We reserve the right to shut down any project, event or game for any such reason we see fit.
  • Please do not create a game that involves the sharing of personal information.
  • Unless marked with [TTV] as a label, all of the topics here are all community events. That means that they are not created by, run, moderated or otherwise affiliated with TTV. If your event ends up taking place on something other than this forum, we aren't responsible for anything that goes on as a byproduct of your involvement. Moderation is up solely to the creator of said event. Participate at your own risk.

Ehhhh, what?

I must ask, Kahi, should we start a reviews section in this catagory? Ya know, where people review certain sets?

Wouldn't that be under Lego?

Perhaps. But then again, it would be a community thing, where we express our opinions on it, as well.

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