COMMUNITY TOWN OF SALEM GAME NIGHT...? (not involved with TTV crew, just communtiy)

Ok, I have been playing a lot of Town of Salem lately. Maybe a wee bit too much… but that’s aside the point.

Anyways, what I am trying to do here is just organize a night sometime (maybe in the next week) where the community of the message boards can get together, play, talk about random stuff, and just have a good time. This is not a TTV game night, let me make this clear, and a TTV cast member will likely not be there. (unless they want to, of course… which would be fun…). So… was wondering if people could give times and stuff and we could maybe all get together to organize something? Just a thought.

Town of Salem is a free game in the web browser, or can be purchased on Steam to remove ads (really not necessary but nice nonetheless). I was hoping to host chat through the Steam community tab whilst playing. Anywho, that’s enough text for now… thoughts?

We will need at least 12 players to make this happen.

We already have Mafia games running on the Boards… :wink:

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If it’s free I’d be open to playing. The only thing stopping me would be scheduling.

It’s a fun game. If be down to play. Granted, I suck at playing, it’s still really fun to watch how things go down in the game!

If it’s fun, i’m down.

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My friend and I just started playing the game, and we should have another one of these.

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I second this.