Compare: Lights O-Nope. Can't do it

So I was gonna try to get out the last two MOCs for the RoT Toa Team, but I can't Nerai's just about done, but Solinari...

Ugh. I cannot, for the life of me, get Solinari to look good at all.

There's Nyran slamming his fist on the ground in irritation at his failure.

There's the MOC itself. I dunno, something about it just doesn't look right, and I think it's the arms, and head, and the torso in relation to them. I know the arms look unfinished, that's 'cause they are. But I dunno.

And for those curious, the back. Though it's even worse in terms of being unfinished.


Before going on, I want to make sure -- is this intended to be female?

Yes. -_-

Well then. You at least got it to look that way without it being explicit, so that's a bonus.

I'm not a fan of how the gold is concentrated in the torso and the keetorange in the limbs. If you could mix those together better, then I'd like that. Also, I'm not a fan of the large butt-plate or that particular hairstyle, but then again there are very few MOC hairstyles that I like. Upper back could do with a bit more armor, as could the arms.

The arms and back were gonna have that to begin with. But I didn't do it because I was just dissatisfied with the whole thing, and pretty much said "screw it." The MOC is an unfinished mess, and I just figured I'd document that Solinari does indeed have a MOC before I likely tear it to pieces and give up before trying again in a few years or something, but I dunno.

As for the Keetorange, I get what you mean, that's sorta just how the pieces came together.

Great job but I think the golden armor looks a little bit awkward.

The shoulder length needs to be fixed.
That's the big problem.

Once you get that done, then you can worry about armor, in my opinion.

I mean it's a good MOC, it just needs better shoulder to shoulder length to compensate for her waist.

When i saw front: "Hmm, its kinnda nice"

When i saw back: "Oh god! Too much colours in one place!"

Basicaly im telling you: Buy from Bricklink black "+" connectors and Black/gray "0/+" Pins... or just cover that mesh ;-;

I covered it with a bunch of Keetorange.

There's another topic, "Compare: Lights of Storms, Lights of All" I think I called it.