Comparing and Contrasting BIONICLE to other popular franchises

I've seen alot of off-topic discussion comparing BIONICLE to other lines such as Transformers and others, so I thought it would be a good Idea to have a dedicated topic. Feel free to compare BIONICLE to other lines you like and talk about similiarites or points you dislike that one did, that the other did not, and so on. Have fun, and keep the conversation civil!



Both Star Wars and Bionicle had unique stories that told of a final destiny for its heroine. They both helped lego out of the hole. They both have great fan bases and even when the movies were old they are still admired to this day. I think the sets that lego made with Bionicle vs hasbro action figures are hard choose. The Star Wars action figures have good detail and are great for collectors. Yet Bionicle wasn't just a toy you bought for collecting, you could customize your charicters. Overall both the Bionicle and Starwars franchise are almost equally matched according to sales, story and huge fan base.


Oooh, I've got a good one. Bionicle and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I've long since felt that Avatar: The Last Airbender was everything I've ever wanted Bionicle's story to be. It proved that you didn't need to be childish to appeal to kids. It had a spawling saga, good, solid writing, plot and dialogue, it was a explosively successful kid's show and it basically paved the way for other shows like it. My dream for Bionicle 2015 is that they try a tv show that comes anywhere close to how ATLA was handled.


Both the LEGO BIONICLE and LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu themes are very, very, very popular with LEGO fans all over the world. They both had multiple large waves of sets almost each year that they had set releases!!! They also contributed immensely to The LEGO Company's financial bottom line!!!!! Finally, they both have very well-written plot and stories!!!

I always thought that Metru Nui was inspired by Corasant...correscaunt...kkkkkk-the city planet.


Maaaaybeeeee...... wink

Yes I agree with you.

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For some reason, people are comparing Bionicle and My Little Pony. SOME ONE TELL ME HAU THESE ARE SIMILAR IN ANY WAY!!!!

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Theres something wrong with both of their fan bases.


Every fanbase has it's crazies.


Probably, I don't know. I saw mostly crossovers while looking up fanfics on Deviant Art. I am scared. Just figured out that Jala has the same voice as the captain of the guard in mlp

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Roodaka and one of the villains also share a VA. Also were introduced in the same episode.

Does the character control a horde of bugs? Cause now i'm warming up to mlp and Bionicle crossovers.

They're bug-like.

Cool, that sounds like a Bionicle cameo. What episode?

The last two episodes of season 2.

In my opinion the series has a decline in quality towards the end of season 3.

Ok, probably gonna watch them later
Just found this pic on Deviant Art

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My little pony is a good think to compare (not a joke). Thing P.S i am not a brony

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Let's see... Cain and Able plots in the backstory, (Mata-Nui or Ekimu vs Makuta; Celestia vs Nightmare Moon) six elemental heroes, (admittedly the MLP protagonists have rather different elements than the classical ones we're used to) the aforementioned evil queen controlling an insect-like horde, (Roodaka; Chrysalis) a Captain of the Guard voiced by the same guy, and until the end of Season 3, all signs seemed to be pointing toward the protagonists sharing a single destiny, though what that would be is still up in the air.

Also, then you get into the generations, which I've done a fair bit of research on.
"My Pretty Pony" - Galidor (bad precursor)
MLP G1 - Slizers/Throwbots (pretty good but not fully fleshed-out and commonly underrated)
MLP G1.5 - Roboriders (bizzarre followup that some fail to realize even existed)
MLP G2 - Bionicle G1 (actually these are sort of polar opposites given that MLP G2 had no story or show at all, while Bionicle had tons of it, but whatever.)
MLP G3 - Hero Factory (not terrible, but still kind of bad and wasted its potential on inane 'plots')
MLP G3.5 - Ben 10 (terrible in every way. Kill it with fire.)
MLP G4 - Bionicle G2 (lookin' pretty good; takes ideas from older generations and adapts them pretty well)

And then of course there's the fanbases, where there's a ton of guys, most are pretty cool people, but then you have a very loud minority who give everyone else a bad name. And people unfamiliar with both tend to judge them negatively. ("Isn't that just like Barbie?" sounds rather similar to "Isn't that just like Power Rangers?")

So, yeah. I'd say they're astoundingly similar; one just has more rainbows and the other has more explosions. Although the former has had a few rainbow explosions in its latest incarnation. Probably the biggest difference is that MLP's best episodes are usually the ones that have nothing to do with an overarching plot, while Bionicle's plot is basically unavoidable and pretty good besides.


Yes, I see the similarities....

PS: I wish we had a TV series similar to Avatar with Bionicle, that would be the Bees knees.