Competition: Get your model into LEGO Worlds!

On Steam yesterday, they announced a contest for the Lego Worlds game,

Link to announcement: Competition: Get your model into LEGO Worlds!

This sounds like it could be great! Anyone here thinking of entering?


isn't this sorta useless? Since we can make stuff in the game I mean

Similar to what JMP said... this sounds like a really silly competition.

The only way this could be used to improve everyones play experience is if we use this so we can get some good vehicles in the game - given anything else can already be built. Would be nice to have more sea vehicles such as submarines that actually work or boats that can transport other vehicles or people from place to place.

If everyone who plans on entering submits a vehicle, then hopefully they'd select one that could be made in the game. Only downside to this competition is that we could end up with something officially in the game that looks terrible - which would be amplified if it was also something that naturally spawned.

Imagine walking around in Lego worlds and then you encounter something that is out-of-place with the world around it such as this. It may be a good build outside of Lego Worlds, but if its going to be something that will naturally spawn then it needs to be something that fits with the world around it.

I mention boats because any other vehicle is rather unnecessary. We have a few cars and vehicles of varying times and I feel that there is no real point in adding anything else like that.

Hopefully we will get to the stage where actual buildings/sets could be inputted via entering a code, which I hope is what they are working on given it is LDD compatible (with a bit of work)

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