Complementary Textures/Motifs For MOCing?

In my experience, keeping textures consistent is one of the most important aspects of successful MOCing. BIONICLE has an incredible variety of parts to work with, but they don’t all work well together. The textures/shaping of parts used can make or break a MOC.

For example, I find that Pohatu’s climbing claws and Takanuva’s staff blade work very together. They also flow well with the powerless Matatu, as seen in my Toa Orkahm MOC:

Similarly, I find that the curved shape of the Nuva shoulder complement the powerless Rau quite well, as seen in my Toa Ahmou MOC.

So what about you guys? What parts work well in conjunction to create a cohesive build?


Any CCBS shells work great together, and technic works well with the older, more complicated textures.

I usually aim for messy looks. Not really clashing sometimes, but I prefer MOCs that have loads of going on on them over MOCs that are sleek and smooth.

One could say I like MOCs that look like this:

over MOCs that look like this:


System. Not really much can be done wrong. But if we’re to be on topic, CCBS works well with other CCBS. I’d say keep jagged pieces with other jagged pieces, and keep smooth pieces with other smooth pieces

I feel a combo of smooth and ridged textures work well together as long as they don’t clash. Builders like @Likus really know how to pull this off. Usually I try to lean a bit toward one way or the other depending on what I’m building. What worked well for most. Some people don’t necessarily like CCBS shells, but I think that has to do with sets themselves and not the parts since the CCBS system is very basic looking.

P.S. Great MOCs by bye way

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I remember a video from Ben Cossy that pointed out the Hau and the Maxilos mask have similar textures. They have the same sort of cheek holes on them that work well together. Mata feet fall into the same category.

The piston add-on fits with almost anything. Even on relatively smooth CCBS MOCs it looks good. Can’t really go wrong with one of those.

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Strange, I like the complete opposite.

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I guess it is personal taste…part of being hooman.

To be frank I do like both styles…its just I like more smoother MOCs than textured ones.

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I like to use texture as a way to define what certain materials on the moc are made of. For instance, I might have the colored, natural armor be primarily smooth CCBS parts, whereas the additional bulk is comprised of pistony, silver parts.

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