{COMPLETED} The Great Darkness

Hello again people! first of all let me just start by apologising for the lack of updates, I've ben quite busy and haven't had the time to get around to it. But that has all changed now! I give you The Great Darkness!!

I really enjoyed making this guy due to the fact that I had to improvise because I ran out of pieces! smile I replaced the common ball and piston joint with a custom one seen on the MOC which seems to do the job well.


log 462>> captain P. Lowez<{Dig team Omega}>:=

==[:< Following my previous logs about the artefacts unearthed from the dig site, the team have uncovered something truly fascinating from the temple. Whilst attempting to excavate what was believed to be an old Kanoka disc, one of our team <{Data corrupt}> fell into a cavity when the disk collapsed. The events that followed are unclear however when sending in a rescue team, a central chamber was discovered and within was, well, nothing short of unbelievable! The legends were true! Within the chamber were the scrolls of time which predate the rein of the bionicle right back to the very start of everything. The ancient scrolls tell of five immensely powerful beings which existed before life began: Dionysus, the traitor, Ragnarok the bringer of fire, Gwendolyn the first keeper of the light, Serpentus the prince of the forest and the One, ruler of these immense beings and the father of life. This is BIG, I need to spend more time researching these finds.==[end of log]

log 478>> captain P. Lowez<{Dig team Omega}>:=

==[:< Still no luck deciphering the scrolls... It seems that, although parts that have been added are readable, the majority of the scrolls are written in a language which predates are own! I have made some progress though as it appears that there was a hidden section which tells of a sixth being known as the Great Darkness but on to that another time as something more interesting happened today as well which for the life of me I can't understand. Whether this was a prank or sloppy work, on returning to the chamber, a large, black shard was discovered. The object resembles a large seed and on the surface are etchings similar to those in the scrolls. To be honest I haven't really been too close to the thing or at least iv tied m best to avoid It. It's always cold around it and it emanates dull hum, freaks me out. I have however been asked to go down to the lab tomorrow to do a full assessment of what I'm dubbing 'the seed' and will post my findings, wish me luck!==[end of log]

log 479>> captain P. Lowez<{Dig team Omega}>:=

==[:< Today was...unsuccessful to say the least. Whilst trying to open 'the seed', part of the surface broke off the structure and pierced a member of the research team and is currently embedded in his chest. Whilst attempting to remove the shard, it seemed to take on a life of its own as it moved further into the mans body as if it was moving away from us. Well eventually it pierced his heart and he was announced dead. [update] HE'S BACK! he just got up and looked at us all blankly as if we weren't there and walked away. He started screaming about the end of time when the great beings would wage war. But the thing that made me sick was when he started screaming about it! about the Great Darkness and how it was inside him, how we had to kill him to save everyone. That's when the seed started to hum louder than ever, to the point were I was unable to hear the screams of the others. In the ringing their was a voice, a voice so foul and sickening that whispered to me about the temple and told me everything. It said how everything was an illusion casted by the One and how the only true path was the one of shadows. When I came back around the place was ruined; the research team were all gone, along with 'the seed'. When I cooled down I saw this horrible thing starting at me from the other side of the mirror. It just looked at me grinning through a row of crooked fangs! I can't sleep anymore! That's when it can get inside your head! That's when it shows you the truth.... [end of log]

I can't tell you how much THIS helped...

[last picture removed for inappropriateness] - slime


It's monsterous!

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I love it. It looks SO good! I have one complaint though, and that is that his eyes would look better if they were further back on his head, and smaller.



I can do that! smile

More pictures tomorrow!

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cool moc brah, might wanna give this topic a look smile

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Ok! I just think small eyes are creepier on big monsters. smile

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The big eye pieces are actually from a kreo set and behind them are smaller red stud pieces

Huh. I thought they were Barraki eyes.

that is amazing I want it so bad
where can I buy but In all seriousness I want these alot

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Do you feel it, or does it need more budget? stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

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Looks astonishingly good! My only issue is with the tail; it seems a bit too flat in my opinion.

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One thing that I see in this community is overgreebling of smaller to medium sized MOCs. Personally, I think it clutters the MOCs and makes them look ugly, and should be saved for larger models, as more coverage and details are better needed and used in that instance.
This MOC blows me away. It's the size of a small child (!), and uses textures, greebles, and shaping to a masterful degree. It does everything right.
If this were a set, my recommendation would sound like: "If you're a fan of giant builds... No, if you're a fan of Lego... NO! If you are a human being living on this planet, you owe it to yourself to get one of these!!!"
This is spectacular, and I don't think I've ever used that word to describe a MOC before today. Well done, friend, well done. sunglasses


more more MORE MOAR BUDGET!!
(is this a running joke for me)


wow scream just wow

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oh my god

it's glorious

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Amazing. GLORIOUS.

I really like it.

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hen you put both of him and Dionysus together, fear incarnate will appear. HE IS TERRIFYING! Really super mega ultra uber awesome, but absolutely frightening. He kind of reminds we of Nightmare from FNAF 4.
GJ, but keep it away from me. scream

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How do i say how awesome this is without swearing

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Substitute everything banable with the word "bananas".

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You've done it again my good sir, and holy Lobster in the sky, you make me question life once again...