Completing '01 Kanohi

I’m trying to get into the mask collecting buisness, so why not start here. Basically, I’m looking for most masks pictured here:

Obviously I’m not looking for all the masks, that 14k gold mask is an impossible dream… but here are the ones pictured I’m interested in:

  • All 36 Kanohi Masks
  • All 36 Noble Kanohi Masks
  • Both Copper Masks
  • Transparent Miru
  • All 13 EU Misprints

And that’s all. If you know any Bricklink sellers, interested in selling, etc, then please reply to this topic! It will really benefit my Bionicle collection.


EDIT: I live in Australia, try to get listings or deals or whatever from there, please!

EDIT 2: Also looking for the Infected Hau and Orange vahi :smiley:


Here is where you can get a copper Huna:


You could just say you got the black misprint ruru by buying hafu

Also heres the trans miru and kakau one is slightly more expenisive


Did you know that the guy who won the gold Lewa mask is(n’t) selling it on Ebay (faaaake)?
You can also buy lots of the masks separately w/ free shipping on Ebay:


I would suggest using Bricklink, the prices are WAY cheaper than eBay.
Although it might be hard to find the Euro Misprints.
And FYI the black Ruru came on Hafu officially so it’s no longer considered a misprint.
Just so ya don’t get fooled by sellers. :wink:


Those are at least 10 bucks a piece if I can remember.

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This listing has ended.

That’s a lot of masks D:

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(Silently dies on the inside (again), as my dream to purchase said mask has been crushed.)

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i have a lot of 01 kanohi. Try to get the masks in brickilink it helps


With regards to that Golden Jungle Mask on eBay:

The Golden Masks from the Golden Mask Hunt came with pedestals, but they were BRICK BUILT, not one piece. Also, the title says “CUSTOM.” I’m fairly sure that this is just a chrome-ized version of the normal, plastic Golden Jungle Mask.

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I did see that the pedestal was not LEGO pieces, but it said that his friend won it in a contest, and gave it to him, which makes me think that it was the mask hunt golden mask.

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Perhaps, but:

A) Why would the winner just give away the extremely valuable mask?
B) Where would the guy selling it have gotten the pedestal?

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Idk man, but we should get back on topic.

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Back on topic:

I didn’t know that those Matatus existed in the Toa colors. I only thought they came in the Turaga colors… Interesting. What set(s) did they come in?

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It’s ten times more expensive, like ten freaking times.

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@Toa_Of_Shadows, will you be updating this topic as you are progressing?

@Daler99, the Toa colored Matatu are Euro Misprints that were accidentally released in the Mask packs in Europe, so they didn’t come in any sets, and therefore they are extremely rare to find.
And the Toa colored Ruru are also Euro Misprints.


@Booster_Gold Okay, thanks for telling me. :wink: I didn’t even notice the Rurus until now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Also, @Toa_Of_Shadows, this is Bricklink right here.
I don’t know how to find products for other people who live in different countries, so

I know what Bricklink is, :stuck_out_tongue: its just that it’s hard to order from there since I live in AUS.

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Why, right here, of course.

No, it was in fact a chromed-up normal lewa mask.