Completing Mashin Chaser's Break Gunner.....In LEGO Version

For those Kamen Rider Drive fans out there, I have made Drive's rival's transformation device/ weapon: Mashin Chaser's Break Gunner by using LEGO pieces. I plan to use it in my series as one of my plans for future episodes. It may not be 100% accurate, but I tried my best. I can dare say that's it's "almost" the same thing from both the prop and the toy themselves.

If you want me to post a picture of it, let me know. I'll see how much responds this topic gets.

-Wing Rocka


Tagging @Takua because he's probably interested, being the big Drive fan he is.

Machin Chaser's pretty cool, and his Break Gunner is even cooler! (The voice is bootiful), I would love to see pictures!

The real question is...

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I'm interested in any KR related stuff, but I'm just getting into watching the show so I may not understand all the references. And also I haven't watched a single episode of Drive yet, so... stuck_out_tongue

I really like Drive as it stands.

Look, buddy, you can't post a topic for it unless you actually intend to show it off to the Boards anyway.


All right, guys. Sorry for the delay, because I'm busy with schoolwork and such.
Anyways, here are the long overdue pictures of the Break Gunner in LEGO version.

I tried my best to make it exactly like the original, and here's the result. The top piece is from Speeda Demon's motorcycle. It has enough space to put in a "Viral Core"(which in my case, Novas, but they're just normal LEGO bricks). I will admit the Revenger Pikes are a little bit of a mess, since I used some purple spikes and carved them into a circular shape. Also, I wish the black handle pieces were light gray as well, since that will make it more accurate. Sadly, LEGO didnt make them.

The bonus picture is a villain I'm working on for my series. His name is Demon Lester, and he is based on Mashin Chaser, with some minor differences. His current state is still in the prototype stage. He will appear in future episodes of LS. I'll also change the gun name into the "Demon Gunner" in the series, just in case people don't get confused.

That's all. What do you guys think? If you got any advice or suggestions, leave them here.

-Wing Rocka


There's nothing really to change!
It looks screen accurate (as much as it can be), and it looks good in an HF hand.
11/7, m8!

Do you mean this black handle piece?

Because Lego has made it in light grey before.

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@Takua: Thanks! Stay tuned for Demon Lester! XD
@DarkTakanuva: Really? Which sets have that handle piece in light gray? I need at least 2 of them. If you're not sure, I can get them from Bricklink, but I can't find it in the "Hero Factory" catagory. I wonder which catagory contains this?

Maybe some Technic sets? I know for a fact that it was used on 2008 Takanuva, as well as a 2006 Bionicle playset (Race for the Mask of Life); I can't really remember the names of any other sets that have it.

That piece in Light Bluish Grey appears in a few Constraction sets:

Bad Guy 07
Breez's Flea Machine
CHI Sir Fangar
Good Guy 08
Maxilos & Spinax
Protector of Fire
Takanuva (2008)
The mighty Tuma
And Witch Doctor.

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Good job on doing your homework, Slime.

he cheated
he simply used bricklink.

EDIT: "he used simply used"
nailed it.


"He cheated, he simply used Bricklink."

If you're replying to me, there are a few things that you are totally wrong:
1:LEGO doesn't have Kamen Rider constraction sets, and I don't even need to explain why.

2:All of the pieces I used for this are parts that LEGO has already released and in my part box. Plus, when I was making this, all the parts are not even from Bricklink, but the sets I bought before.

3:Besides a few modfications to the purple spikes as the Revenger Pikes for the gun itself, all the parts that was thrown in the gun are easy to find and collect.

4:One last point: I designed this all by myself, without anyone helping me. Why would I even cheat to Bricklink for telling them to make something like this?

Not offending you or the ones who liked your comment or anything. But please think twice or more before you reply to other topics created by other people. That's all I have to say here.

-Wing Rocka

oh my god..

I was not talking to you..


Like seriously
how you were offended by a comment not meant for you is beyond me.


He was talking to Political_Slime.

I had made a comment telling Slime that he did a good job on his "homework" (looking up sets tat contained that piece in light grey). Pot8o said that Slime had simply used Bricklink.

That is all.

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Something tells me you don't understand how bricklink works...


Oops, I'm terribly sorry that I misfigured the situation here. I don't like comments on my topics that look like they're insults to me or something like that, thanks to my personality and Aspergers. Sorry for all the trouble I caused for you.

BTW, just advice, if you go on topics that are made by people like me and write comments like this, try to tag the person you're replying to, just in case this kind of situation doesn't happen again.

Once again, I'm sorry for what I did to you for the last few days, and I hope we can resolve this.

-Wing Rocka

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to be fair, when I edited my post to include myself poking fun at my grammar, I think the tag went away
sorry for the confusion.