Comrade (ComradeWolfie's self-MOC) By ThatchMac

Ok so I’m sure that title is really confusing so I’ll explain. @ComradeWolfie is a good friend of mine. He’s been helping write CHRONICLE (my stop motion series currently in development) and I really appreciate that. So I decided the least I can do is to make him a self-MOC as he currently doesn’t have one. I hope you like this Comrade, and I hope everyone else does too.


Very nice!
I like the whole overall aesthetic and posture the MOC has, but I would add more of the trans light-blue color for the claws on the feet (and a few other places), as I think it would make a nicer accent color for the MOC. I also think it would be beneficial to cover of the waist articulation friction ball joint from the back view as it kind of sticks out too much.
Other than the two points I listed, I think this is a very solid and neat looking MOC!

Thank you for the advice!

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This is a great Moc really like the shaping though theres a lot of clashing textures in it, still cool though!

it looks ready to kill

Looks awesome! I love the techniques you used!

Looks really cool, but it could use some more trans-light blue, and to get rid of the trans-neon green on the inner knee. Other than that, he looks really nice!

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The only reason those are there is because I don’t have enough trans blur crystal armor pieces XD.

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I have a feeling that you took these cool photos in front of your organization to show off, which I can understand. :slight_smile:

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Actually I didn’t, I was just too lazy to set up the backdrop XD.


I will get around to making my Self-MOC, but this is fantastic! :smiley:


Feels edgy, really nice build, and nice design