Confirmation emails

To add yet another problem to the seemingly endless list of issues created by the new update: a friend of mine has been attempting to create an account with little success. The reason? The confirmation email refuses to send, despite him resending the email multiple times. So, he tries to make a new account. And another. Still no confirmation email, despite trying to resend. So he tries another. And another. He tries on both phone and PC, no difference. And it’s at this point that he hits the roadblock of the anti-dupe account filter and he’s been IP-banned from attempting to make another account.

Please advise.

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Can confirm I had a similar issue while attempting to re-log after the update. My password didn’t seem to work, so I tried to change it via email.

Did it about three times, no email was sent. Luckily, I managed to find the correct password.

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I had that very problem while creating my account recently, but before the update. I wrote everything in “create acoount” window (no email was sent) and then tried to log in without confirmation email. When i clicked forgot password? email, at last, was sent to me in spam. Hope that happened.

He’s given it a try. Absolutely nothing, not even in his spam.

I had a similar problem. The update logged me out, I forgot my password, sent the request, and it wouldn’t send

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Update: said friend has managed to get an actual account working thanks to some help from my brother, a recent fellow boards member. However, assumedly thanks to it being considered a dupe account, he’s now been hit with this bullcrap:

I implore any staff who might be reading this to let this account off. It is most definitely not a dupe account, Just a friend who’s been completely screwed over by the site when trying to make an account just to join my roleplay, for christ’s sake.