Conjurer, Master of black magic

This is my new moc Conjurer.he is one of the few left of his race. He is a master of black magic(hence his name) since he is right handed, he casts his spells and magic with his right hand. But the castings have taken their toll on the hand and have transformed it into a beastial claw, but he rather likes it. The weapon he carries is forged from an unknown element, possibly from another dimension. (This is not confirmed.) It can cut through anything except a Toa weapon. He also has a wrist blade made from the blood of enemies. The orange sphere in his chest is his essence itself. Every time he casts or conjures, its slowly drains, therefore he can only do so much before he fatigues and is required to rest. He is a skilled fighter, but swordsmanship is his best mean of attack, other than magic. His biggest weakness is a toa of light. It counters everything except his fighting skills. He is neutral in the world, and he does as he pleases. He actually likes the toa, but if they get in his way, there might be a problem... But the reason he wears a hat is because he tried to conjure a hat in his novice days, but he messed up the spell and it can't leave his body or it will poof back on his head. So anyway, please tell me what you think


Just so you know, there's a canon character called Conjurer

Lol I didn't know that... Now I feel dumb frowning

Don't. He's obscure. only appeared in the Dark Hunters reference book

I just read that the other day and I knew the name sounded familiar... The coolest one in there is the shadowed one's shadow...

I'm going to be honest, to me, he doesn't look as cool in the pics....

He's a VOODOO HEAD!!! lol good MOC!

looks great BUT you should get a better background so he doesn't look so out of place and it will make him allot cooler.

i like the hat idea it show that he was not always good at sorcery i also like how you used the Orange orb in his chest in his bio and i also like how he is not straight evil even though he uses black magic

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Thanks man! I was gonna use a white background, but that was in my basement, so I used the next best thing...

Love the use of that Phantoka chest!

I honestly don't like the black armour piece on his head.

see i told you this moc is getting criticized

But the rest is awesome and I totally love this moc!

It was supposed to be a hat lol

Nice hat.

You mean Darkness?

Yea he's awesome