Connections between the Bionicle Community/Legacy and Ninjago songs

So I’ve probably been spending way to much time listening to The Fold’s Ninjago music/themes lately. As I’ve been listening, I’ve noticed a couple- no, quite a few of the lyrics in a few of the recent songs can be (somewhat) depicted as a portrayal of the recent events concerning Bionicle 2015 and the going-ons in the community. It started with Spinning Out in Color, but I looked a bit more, and could find some connections in other songs, so here we go!
*These lyrics were taken from the official music videos, which y’all should totally check out!

Full Digital AKA “Bionicle is gone, What do we Do?” 2010
Goin full! Oh!
Digital! Woah!
I interpreted this as the large influx of the Bionicle community that resided in the internet. By that I mean hanging out on Youtube, Custom Bionicle Wiki, BZPower, and so on.

Dangers lurking in the depths of Ninjago,
Where it stops no one knows
Into the system we must travel unbeknownst
Strike the source where it glows
This part is tough, but I can faintly connect it to the community’s multiple efforts to bring back Bionicle in the early days. Spamming Lego, campaigning for revival projects, etc. ‘Where it stops’ could be like the extent of Bionicle’s ending, and how we all hoped it would just come back like that. The system being the means of trying to revive it, and the source being Lego.

The futures calling in a world we’ve never known
The digiverse is gonna learn just how we roll
I see this as a connection to Hero Factory, the ‘future,’ ‘world we’ve never known,’ and ‘digiverse.’ Otherwise, it could also be interpreted as a connection to a world without Bionicle, where once again, the community resides on the internet. Oh, and the second part can arguably be an interpretation of the community’s outrage. :-/

We’re goin full digital
New Ninjago City is home
By going full digital
‘New Ninjago City,’ more like Makuhero city right? No? Ok, anyways, that’s pretty much what I thought about this part…

It’s getting tricky there’s a thousand ways to go
Where they lead we don’t know
Time is ticking we must practice mind control
Hold our thoughts til they grow
I think this part can be interpreted as the struggle to stick together as a community. The struggle to find new balance and accept the reality of the situation, and maybe even the loss of fanbase and faith. ‘time is ticking’ could refer to how many were still waiting for the return that wouldn’t come just yet. ‘hold our thoughts’ could obviously relate to how others accepted the new constraction age, but still held hope that one day we’d see Bionicle again.

The system’s calling us to save from it from it’s own
We give it all for Ninjago, we know, we know
Not so sure about this part. Not much to connect aside from possibly the community trying to contain itself and move on in the name of Bionicle.

They say stop and we say go
Keep us in line and under control
Were gonna rise yeah we’re gonna grow
Keep hope alive in Ninjago
Once again, not much for this part as well. In my opinion it could be interpreted as the rants against Lego again, and still trying to keep the community under control.

We Are Ninja AKA “We Stick Together, and see it Through!” roughly 2011-2013

It’s time for battle and were going toe to toe
All of the sudden were outnumbered and out-droned
This place is buzzin with nindroids!
We’re reachin’ higher, and it’s lookin like there’s hope
‘It’s time for battle’ indeed, but not violent battle. I see this as the middle age of the ‘Dark Ages’ for the Bionicle community. By this point we’ve recovered and have our bearings in terms of keeping together and keeping the Bionicle legacy alive on our own (referring back again to sites like BZP, and early TTV even) ‘lookin’ like there’s hope.’ This could also mean the challenges faced as time progressed and hope of Bionicle’s return continued to diminish. By this, I mean the part of ‘outnumbered and out-droned.’

It’s time to prove just who we are!
We’ve come so close, we’ve spun so far!
Pretty easy to connect, but I see this part as a statement by the community that we as loyal fans are still here and thriving.

I felt stuck for awhile now I’m ready to go
It’s time to save this city and I’m ready for it
They could build a million droids if they want
Some things are timeless like the will to carry on
… and on and on
I feel this part is another connection to Hero Factory. ‘Felt stuck’ could mean the skepticism with the new CCBS system, the second verse meaning the new fanbase accepting the new line HF, and the third and forth verses meaning that the community doesn’t mind HF, but still hold out for Bionicle above all else.

Spinning Out in Color AKA “The Promised Day” summer 2014-present day 2014

We’re all set to get back on the scene
The whole city is apart at the seams
It’s cold in the new Ninjago
Now at this point, leaks of Bionicle have arrived, of course setting the fire of celebration ablaze. The first verse is easily connectable to the community rallying together once again in hopes that the promised day is finally upon them. The second verse is a bit tough, but could be interpreted as the community itself being relatively broken from the “Dark Ages,” going off of ‘apart at the seams,’ and also the third verse.

They’re comin quick but you gotta believe
We could take em once we find what we need to grow
And keep it under control
This is where I got the idea for this article. The first verse can be interpreted as the many leaks following the first, the second verse being the hype spike in the community, and the third verse meaning the efforts to stay skeptic and keep patient in such exciting times.

Looks like we’re headin home
We’re gonna put on a show…
Again, I really got this idea going with these few verses. The first part here with ‘headin home’ made me immediately think of how we as a community were more than likely on our way to our ‘home’ that is Bionicle, the thing that brought us together. The second part…well that gave me a really fun thought. ‘We’re gonna put on a show’ could be interpreted as the Hype Train. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spinnin’ out in color
Spinnin’ out in color
Spinnin’ out of trouble
Spinnin’ out in color
Not much to go off of here, since it’s the chorus, but I still spot a connection. ‘Spinnin’ out in color’ could mean all of the hype and celebration, speculation and analysis, and just the revitalization of the community! Also of worthy note, the part ‘Spinnin’ out of trouble’ could also be linked in a similar manner to the formal and professional approach to the leaks, how we didn’t let the excitement get the best of us, and we pulled through without screwing up Lego’s plans (well, to an extent).

With perfect tact we must hack the machine
Start digging deep into the digital beast
It knows… That we’re getting so close
I see this part as the mass search for evidence, confirmation and validation of the Bionicle 2015 leaks. ‘Hack the machine’ could be linked to the in-depth and persistent search for clues throughout the internet. The whole second verse can also be interpreted as the search, and the ‘digital beast’ can be the powerhouse that is Lego itself. Finally, the last verse can be linked to the countdown to #Bionicle2015’s official announcement. The days proceeding like UDD day(s) and the buildup to to confirmation with the teaser pics were what I thought. ‘It knows…that we’re getting to close,’ I mean come on. How does that not make people think “Lego knows we’re on to them. The promised day is upon us!”

We’ll fight smart, to conserve energy
Tear it up thus restoring the peace
Let’s go! Here’s to New Ninjago
More connections to the spreading excitement. This could be better described as us currently, spreading the word, making the most of this momentous occasion, and celebrating the return of Bionicle! ‘restoring the peace,’ a link to the fans rejoicing and claiming that all is right again (like a cult?). The last verse s what really gets me, just switch Ninjago to Bionicle and it might just tickle your fancy too. “Let’s go! Here’s the new Bionicle!!!” Totally made me remember Tahu’s final words in 2010 “Now come, let us begin…” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for reading through this all if you could. Hopefully I’m not completely insane and some of this makes you think the same. How odd that I’d link Bionicle to random songs for Ninjago, right? Anyways, leave your own thoughts, maybe you can interpret something different, maybe better! Alright, later!



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Also, fun fact: The structure for the verses of Color are actually sampled from their Non-Ninjago song “Moving Past”

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