Constraction: One Year Later

K dudes, I’ve been working on a story that’s somewhat serious and zany at the same time. It’s meant to be as episodes or comics later on.

Italics are meant to be my own thoughts on each section

Please leave critiques if you read it.

Basic Premise
A bunch of toys living in a house deal with the aftermath of the Bionicle Gen 2’s cancellation, the future of Constraction, and their division amongst themselves.

There are some obvious parallels that could be made to SuddenlyOranges RB series, but this is more focused on a different plot. The cancellation of Gen 2 does not matter too much in the scheme of things here, it’s more of that cliche “hero retires because this event happened” deal

Think Toy Story. These characters exist in “reality” as living toys in someone’s house. They are affected by pop culture and know their stories in canon, i.e. the Toa know they fought Makuta, Takua knows he became Takanuva. The focus is on Gen 2 characters, who are attempting to fulfill their canon in reality.

This part is definitely what concerns me about the story. It bears too much similarity to the RB series. To somewhat lessen this parallel, this is explained in story as toys exist in separate households. This ultimately makes, in my own thoughts, my story and RB to be nonconflicting as they happen in different households and will not affect each other

Gen 2 Bionicles
There is heavy emphasis on the characters of Gen 2 here and their chemistry with one another. I based their personalities mostly on their original Gen 1 characterizations, and how they have changed over time in accordance with the times.

Gen 2 seems much more appropriate to have characters from since Gen 2’s cancellation is just a year old. It also helps differentiate from SuddenlyOranges’s characters

Hero Factory
role undisclosed

Gen 1 Strays
The six years since Gen 1’s end caused a lot of characters to leave the household. Definitely, some stragglers freeload in the house and will be seen mucking about. Some Gen 1 characters will serve a purpose that I will not disclose.

Again, just differentiation from SuddenlyOranges’s story

Minor Constraction Themes
role undisclosed

MOC characters
role undisclosed

A large part of why I wanted to do this is to try cinematography. SuddenlyOranges’s work on RB is untouchable in terms of cinematic value and artistry, but I am still going to try my hand at camerawork.

So yeah, please drops some thoughts on this thingy.


It’s not bad, but it’s basically Reviving Bionicle.