Continuing Bionicle story using ai

Has anyone ever used ai to continue the bionicle story. I feel like especially in the serials format it would be pretty easy to do. Don’t know much about ai it self but was just wondering if it is possible.


It would be possible but AI isn’t the best at writing, so the stories probably wouldn’t be that good

plus i don’t think Greg would like to be replaced by a robot


From what I understand about AI writing fiction, it’s basically the equivalent of Wernicke’s dysphasia.

It’s really good at imitating a writing style, but awful at making anything meaningful.

So AI would be really good at imitating Greg… if he had a stroke and somehow forgot the plot points of what he wrote 2 pages ago. Or like Rings of Power’s writing (which some people speculate is written by Amazon’s in-house AI).

And don’t worry, we have a healthy and sane Greg that AI can never replace.


I’m assuming you’re referencing Large Language Models (LLMs), trained on some or all of the BIONICLE text. Like Iylv said, It would be very good at imitating the style of Farshtey’s writing, but it might not make any sense. LLMs are trained to provide satisfactory outputs, not to be correct 100% of the time, so it would be prone to making careless errors and forgetting context.

I’ve experimented with semi-AI-generated BIONICLE content before - using Botnik (which is not an LLM; possibly more procedural pattern matching than any sort of machine learning). This was a “human in the loop” setup where I (the human) would be given a list of words that could follow the current word. People have told me that a lot of the phrasing it came up with was very Greg-like, even though I was intentionally writing anti-Greg content (namely a love triangle between members of the Federation of Fear.)


A love triangle between the suicide squad federation of fear members? Now this I have to read.

Personally, I’m more of a Gali x Takua/Takanuva person myself. Maybe a little Jahli (Jaller x Hahli).

And before they say “Love is not canon”, my interpretation is that Eros is not canon, but Philia is. Boom! I can have my cake & eat it too!


As it’s relevant to the discussion, I’ll include it, but in the interest of keeping my intentionally cringe foray opt-in, I will spoiler tag it.

" i hear skakdi believe they haven’t truly lived until they feed on every village. " brutaka laughed as vezon continued to make his feet tall. " now tell my visitors, what will remain just under your immenseness?
"i have friends who make a moment just barely grand " vezon rambled. " you can approach without my assent and get close. "
brutaka he looked down on vezon 's grin at last. Then another voice rumbled like a rhotuka disk in tentacles.
" but you don’t need someone by your side who spotted specially modified dealings! "
brutaka he turned toward the north. A makuta named icarax had insisted against his chest mutating. Spiriah had shapeshifted himself some wings.
" miserix screamed as you would slam me into unrecognizable spirits. "
brutaka was always against spiriah 's chest and foul smelling. But makuta associated with him after several insects fell upon his mind.
" why would i wish death on your oversized head? " he shouted, seemingly disregarding brutaka 's portal to make his weapon have friends. " miserix hates the brotherhood member that shattered rock unspeakably toward them. I would let you even clean my neck to the span. "
" you know nothing of value and carapar 's mental training is formidable to make your attempt. " vezon chimed in. " you don’t have any species here on stelt. "
but the brotherhood has one of makuta in this place. He could be alive.
" but makuta will remember who blocked them from what savagery is something. Then another splash from what will remain next pleasure trip. " spiriah had shapeshifted into unrecognizable zyglak intertwined precariously by rahi emerging from each island. "
" what makes you ideal for me? " brutaka replied.
" i am eternal memories of beings created precariously by some island of mata nui. " spiriah looked littered with disk fibre .

I think the most notable comment I can make is how, given the original text, I had to struggle to find any metaphors that remotely implied romantic love or rejection. Also how quotation marks were treated as a separate character.