Controller or No?

When it comes to first person games like Elder Scrolls, Shooters, or Thief I use the good ol mouse and keyboard, yet anything else and I’m almost automatically leaning towards a controller, partly because I grew up with a gameboy and I’m hardwired that way.

This isn’t necessarily about Keyboard vs Controller.
What I wanna know is if you use Controllers in your Pc Gaming at all?


Controller all the way.


I only use controllers when using an emulator, or playing fighting games.
Other than that, I live by KBMOD.

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I don’t even have a controller. XD I’ve thought about getting one, but there are only few games I have that would really benefit from having one IMO. (Mainly flight sims like Wing Commander.)

Controller, though I can use a mouse and keyboard easily, my brain is just hardwired to use a controller

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either or

I have no preference

I stick to good 'ol mouse and keyboard, despite having a USB controller somewhere. To be fair, I was raised on PC, not console and am more adept with the former.

Definitely controller when i can

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Depends on the situation. Usually I prefer mouse and keyboard, unless I have to control a vehicle.

I usually always use keyboard and mouse on my PC because that is all I have and controller for my Xbox 360. However I have played the OG Lego Batman game on both and controller is much easy yet keyboard is manageable if I re-map buttons…

Keyboard for the PC, more used to it ><

Even when I wanted to start PC gaming, I wanted a controller.


As used to the keyboard as I am, I prefer controllers. The controls are more consistent on a controller, unlike a keyboard, where every game loves to change the controls around with different keys. (It’s so annoying!)


I always use my controller to play Skyrim. Also TF2, but nothing else :smile:

Had I the option, I’d use a controller for the majority of my Steam games.

Excepting primarily Terraria.

It honestly depends. some games I like using a mouse but with others I like using a controller.