Cookie Clicker

Game of the Century, Cookie Clicker took the world by storm. Everyone in the Multiverse has played it, notably Alena and Eljay. In Cookie Clicker, you get to press the same button... OVER 9000 TIMES! Eventually in the game, you have an ENTIRE LEGION OF GRANDMAS AT YOUR DISPOSAL! So get Cookie Clicker today!... And talk about it on a Bionicle Podcast Forum later.

I shall not play this game, even if it looks pretty tempting...oh darn now I cant stop

I played it during the months of September and October last year and my goal was to get every achievement listed... and during the Halloween event for the game I got all of them and called it quits.

pressed the cookie over 9000 times-check
get 100 + grandmas-progress 86
open a portal to another dimension-check
earn 100000 cookies a second-progress 74,285

Um... I don't want to play cookie clicker.

*starts vomiting * ruunn ruuuuuunnnnn before its to lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I refuse to play...!

That's not a bad thing. I refuse to play, as well. smiley



My brother likes playing this game, not sure of he still does though.

So... Much cookie clicking...

Eh, well, for all the time I spent in Cookie Clicker I'd never recommend it anyways. stuck_out_tongue

TTV played it A TON last year. We even recorded like a three hour long random discussion podcast named "Cookie Crumbler" where we were going to have our Cookie Clicker games up on the screen while we spoke of stuff. Unfortunately, as with a lot of our cool new things we attempt to do, the recording was corrupted and it was never released.




Could you try recording it again this year?

It's not the sort of thing you just re-record


If you beliveeee. You can do it.

Just like how I still beliveee in Half Life 3 and Go-Busters for Power Rangers.

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just cheat 999,999,999,999 cookies in, no one will tell

I believeeee that SentaiFan096 on youtube will upload the rest of Kyoryuger and Tokkyuger, along with what you said.

You people have corrupted me. I'm pretty sure I dreamed about clicking cookies last night.

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Well you ARE a kookie after all.