A MOC i just uploaded to my YouTube channel. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. Not sure if this belongs in the Lego Creations or Videos section of Creative content. I don’t want to post in both for fear of people thinking i’m spamming, so i’ll just keep it here for now.

Anyway, i hope you like the MOC!

Video removed till user has obtained master. - Waj

Unfortunately, @Ozkabot, only Masters are allowed to post videos of their Bionicle Mocs. As it is seen as advertising. If you would like to share your moc, please post images. Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat:.


He looks really cool. At first I was not sure how to think of his colour scheme but this combination of burnt orange, lime green and silver really works well.

Of course the red axles and blue pins don’t look great but I always think of them as sort of light of electronics or something like that.

The use “engines” are really well made. Simple but effective.

Nice work. Good that you are making MOCs again. ^^


I’ve never really minded the red & blue pins, pretty much for the same reason you gave. When i look inside the average computer its usually got a lot of colors in there, so when i see red and blue pins in sets i always think of it like its partially exposed rather than completely armored.

Of course they can be distracting and break the colorr scheme, but that’s my way of dealing with it.

That’s also the idea with this MOC. Its meant to be a Glatorian with all of its mechanical armor removed, and replaced with half finished and exposed electronics - with the metru red representing the organic flesh. Its meant to look like something that’s been created out of spare parts and hasn’t had most of its armour applied yet.

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