Cool LEGO Parts Usage Ideas

Hello people. This week I just playing around with my Legos and I found some cool Things that you should use.

You know those Exo force robots? The little ones? I just realize that they have arm attachment points on the side of their torso so you can make four armed drones

And you can use Chi crystals and a light saber rods to make your clone troopers shoot.

And this is my favorite way to make a clone mini gun

I hope you found some of these ideas cool!


Clone mini gun that also has the ability to snap itself in half at a trigger pull!


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I find chi crystals very useful for weapons

Triggered. /s

Those ideas are nice… but I won’t act like I didn’t saw them done better before.

This is a very interesting technique that I need to try sometime.

I’ve recently taken a liking to creating (admittedly quite violent) action scenes with Minifigures, especially in the different and creative ways you can use pieces to create blood or simply making a figure flying in the air.

One of the simplest things you can do is use trans red studs (square and regular both have their uses) to simulate blood like so:

Getting into the more intense stuff, red snakes can be used to simulate… well…

When I put that technique to the test, this is what came out of it (even if it was rushed):

The part used to suspend SpongeBob’s severed upper body is this piece connected to a Minifigure stand.

And since Clones were brought up, here are some weapon designs that may be of interest:


I said not to bother me during my clarinet sessions…


I’ve found the Hordika masks useful for things like shells.

Better check yourself before you reck yourself!

Top 10 anime deaths


10/10 best watchmojo episode.

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The clone trooper guns made me smile.
Nice work.

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Yeah! I remember making some custom Exo Force robots like this (and much more) when I was at preschool! :smile:

Some nice parts usage for me is also when Mixel joints are used for shaping, like in some of my MOCs, where I used them to give a more triangular shape to some heads.