Cool mocs from the past - remnants of moc galleries

Lets start with something cool, just look at this absolute unit, i wish we had more photos of him
Kobull by manwithoutaplan777

Its a shame that those old moc galleries are probably gone forever. Some other mocs that i found browsing Bionicle site on Internet Archive:

Buggy by Tok8

One of most ancient examples of nuvaboobs

Sha-Ria, Nari, and Little Taku by Tom2004

The Master by torchflare1234

Ultimate beast of 12 arms!!! by MaxTraversToa

Vezon Vek by MaxTraversToa

Tiranox by adam939

Dracon by TakuaXl

Rikuah by bionicman905

Zadarak by bubbaben606

Vohru by blazeon915

Toa Mantio by fraser676

Gulakai and Rayzaurak rebuilt by Archinto


How were you able to look at the galleri without flash?


Probably the Way back machine


Actually im not sure if galleries from earlier years need flash, i only saw need for flash for later years (sadly besides animated website background everything else was white so no mocs)
Anyway i use ruffle flash addon for firefox

I figured he used wayback, I was curious since flash died parts of the archives were heavily affected among them some of the later years galleries and websites.

Ah… I see yee that might be the case. Its a shame noone archived the galleries back in the day.

wish I could go back and find some of my cruddy MOCs I uploaded there.


:star_struck: I was just thinking about these galleries the other day! It’s a shame they weren’t comprehensively saved.

There’s of course this absolute unit featured on the back of some of the instructions:


These just scream “old MOC” to me. Like dark hunters


I remember seeing a moc on one of these gallery pages with a description along the lines of “berix always wanted to be a glatorian, now he is one” and the image was a moc with a surge 1.0 helmet


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I miss the old style of mocing… nowadays we have so many MOCs that look incredible are highly detailed and all that stuff… but sometimes the charme just is lacking.

This brings me way back… and the nostalgia is real here…


These MOCs are really cool, but I’m simply astonished at the Vezon MOC and the big chonky red dude. I want to build them so badly now.


I remember these!

I remember that too.


These are fantastic, especially the Buggy, the Master, and the Dracon. I’m quite fond of earlier MOCing styles and honestly prefer these sorts of things to the highly detailed, very smooth builds I’ve seen more recently.

Also I had no idea that the powerful art of nuvaboobs was so arcane. Edit: …And if you follow the link, that was the featured creation. That’s just another level of… something. Not sure what. :stuck_out_tongue:


aaaaand that’s marendar


But is it roughly toa sized?

is takanuva roughly toa sized?

depends who you ask

No, he’s not. Karda Nui made him taller.

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And then he got short again

In other words Karda Nui is the source of Chi from the legend of chima

now there’s a crossover nobody wanted but at least one person asked for (spoiler: me(ghid[the one making this post{the eldritch grandpa guy}]))

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