Cool/Obscure Star Wars Theories

Anyone have any outlandish, bizarre Star Wars theories and want to share them? They can be very weird but it has to make sense. It can even be the slightest piece of evidence and but it has to make at least a little bit of sense.


Star Wars explains where humans came from, and the saga will end with a group of humans crash landing on Earth.


I’m confused, explain.

The story is that it takes place “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”

Eventually all this struggle between the empire and rebels, sith and Jedi, will cause the galaxy to become uninhabitable. Eventually causing whoever is left to flee.

The problem is that anything outside the galaxy is uncharted space, so no hyperdrive. After many years, only the humans are left, and they crash land on an uninhabited Earth.

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Jar-Jar is a sith lord, at request i will provide Evidence

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I like Dave Filoni’s theory that this guy from ROTJ:

is actually Captain Rex



That would be weird, though.

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R2d2 is the most foul mouthed character in star wars. All of his lines get bleeped out


Rey has no familial relation to any important, preexisting SW characters.


Rey is Luke and Han’s daughter conceived by the Force, and is also a reincarnation of Anakin.

As for cool theories, I have a way Rey could be a Kenobi.
We never meet Obi Wan’s parents, do we? Who says he doesn’t have siblings, who had children, who had more children, one of which was force sensitive, went to Luke’s academy, got sent to Jakku, and is named Rey.

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air I’ve heard of that and actually, I’d be okay if she had no relation to any characters. Also I think Rey Kenobi would be awesome!

@TheMoltenKing LOL that’d be hilarious

@renki_peka I’ve heard that theory and it would be interesting to say the least.

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This theory contains recent Star Wars Rebels spoilers, so click at your own risk.

[spoiler] I recently saw a theory that Kanan from Rebels= Ram Kota from the Force Unleashed because both of them have slightly similar character designs and became blind at one point.

Even though for that to be real, Kanan has to become blind a second time and also become old and had to be a general in the clone wars

Also he has to become non-canon[/spoiler]


padme is snoke
also @Toa_Heatwave I’m pretty sure that was confirmed

I don’t know if it was actually confirmed or Filoni just said he thinks it’s true. Either way, it confirms that he has no plans to kill off Rex (hooray!)

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Gosh I hate this theory. I hope it burns in the lava of Mustafar.

As for my Star Wars theories, I truly believe Rey is Luke’s daughter. The facial similarities are there, and in the credits for the Force Awakens, Luke’s theme blends nicely before Rey’s theme. In fact they intertwine more perfectly than any other music.

Plus, Kathleen Kennedy, the current head of Lucasfilm, already said that this new trilogy would “focus on a Skywalker.” That leads me to believe Rey is the daughter of Luke, and that Kylo Ren is her cousin.


Well I know the Theories about Boba Fett killed Luke’s Aunt and Uncle, and Jin-Qun is secretly a Sith Lord.

What. Do you mean Qui-gon Jinn? If so, I don’t see how that makes sense at all.

This doesn’t make any sense either.


They were burnt to death right? Boba fett has a flame thrower, and Darth Vader made a point of saying “And no incineration’s” to him