Cool site

This site looks really cool TTV guys :slight_smile:


It’s actually just a front for an organized drug dealing ring.



Lol :slight_smile:

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SHHHHH MT, don’t spoil the plans. Otherwise watching Chima all the time to learn their secrets will have been wasted.


Lol ok XD.Also thanks for Messaging me on the chat and here :).Really made my day :).Big fan :slight_smile:

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MT is going to ruin the plans XD.I bet he starts Applego and ruins us all XD!

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The end times are coming and MT is the result of it XD!

Unfortunately, MT can’t be the one that starts Applego. I heard from my future self that the one who starts it has a name which does not consist of two letter. So MT and LJ are out of the running… Unless I kill him in the future…


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Haha I remember that :).Also Hi Eljay big fan of you to :).

It could be Viper or Venom O_O.Or Alena XD

I guess I’ll just have to change my name then.

From here on out, I shall be MTZX37applesauce


It’s actually me.

Lol I was right jk XD

This topic is golden.



Whoa really O_O?


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It’s lightish red - Donut


And a year later, the site is now even cooler.

Even if it is a front for Chima Discussion.

Pink is a manly color - some TTV cast member, I forget who.

Seriously, though, this topic should be used to talk about how cool this site is even now.

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So…This is a thing. this topic makes me wonder…

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