Copper, Law Enforcement of the MMCC

Copper is the name of the many law enforcement units employed by the MMCC. After the second treaty had been decided upon, things for the boards were looking bright. MOCs had returned home, and the users were free of the blights of war. Unfortunately, peace was never the intention of the bats. They were intent on breaking the trust between factions for a second time. Multiple had been posted in one day, and while technically in accordance with the treaty, something nefarious was clearly at work.
In response, the MMCC put together a team to help protect their citizens, many of which were veteran soldiers, and retired relief workers. They had families, homes, lives they wished to preserve, and it was clear that the bats were getting aggressive. They had even recruited rats, an equally vile relative of the bats themselves. These rodents now sported weaponry, directly violating the treaty, and putting all civilians of the MMCC on high alert, both soldier, and innocent

Fortunately, Copper has the perfect natural abilities, like webs, and additional eyes. These spiders can both carefully observe and detain enemies of the people with silk. Many say they can feel motion in every part of the boards, with large interconnecting web systems

The potent paralyzing venom is housed inside their abdomens, making them especially potent in sting operations

Their very blood boils for justice, to right where others have made wrongs. The blood of a spider is blue, a consequence of copper in the blood stream. This effect has given many of these spiders the name Copper, sometimes shortened to Cops


Hey now I specifically said my rats were “mad chill and get along with all other critters”

Also Rat Nation wasn’t a part of the treaty because Rat Nation wasn’t involved in the war

Back to reality, I really like this, that head really nails the tarantula look. Nice job, 10/10!


This is cool, i like the colour scheme

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It takes two sides to have a war, you know

Uh the moc looks pretty neat. I like the parts usage and the model is very spidery. Nice job

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Rule of Life 56: Never trust anyone that says that they’re “mad chill”.


The rats are mad chill, I’m diagnosed manic depressive. Totally different thing

Rule of Life 57: Never trust fruit of a poisoned tree.


At this point I’m more focused on where the other 55 went

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1-45 are for the mind. 46-55 are for the fist.


Cool spider, one of the best I’ve seen in a while although why is he called copper when he isn’t er y’know copper coloured


Are my bats included in the treaty breakers? If so, how can they come to terms with the law enforcement? And how many of Copper exist? Are they colored differently to allow their leaders to differentiate between different units?

Weaponless bats do not break the treaty, although that treaty is kind of out the window these days

As of now, about 500

No, all of them are related, so they share the green color scheme