Another moc :v


I assume it's female from the name, but I'm probably wrong, right?

yes, it's a she

Don't know about the right shoulder, lower arms, and the waist, otherwise fair MOC

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the female skull villain? I mean dear Makuta that waist is skeletal

are those high heels? you're trying too hard for "Female".

the lower arms are pretty odd looking.

the lack of hands is interesting.

there's too much red on the legs.

the shoulders seem a little low.

not a huge fan, but it's not the worst female moc I've seen.

  1. Just like my previous moc, I wanted her to be separated from the Bionicle.
  2. Ya their heels, i'm limited with parts so this is the cheapest and sturdiest heels I can make.
  3. I do agree, I dislike the arm, mainly because I suck at making limbs. (arms and legs)
  4. casual thing
  5. *limited with parts

Looks pretty cool

I might get yelled at, but I like the torso. It's unique and looks like it would give an unusual array of articulation.