Cordak's MOCs of Old

Been digging around my pictures lately, and I've found a few pictures of older versions of my MOCs. Sadly, there's only one image out there that actually shows a different older MOC I made years ago, and I'm still looking for it. So, all I can offer right now are these earlier versions. These date back between six months and a whole year. I plan to dump any old stuff I find here.

Toa Hunter (I used to call him Clarence)

Terrotron (giraffe edition)

Lentas (scrapyard edition)




Ah the good all transformation bionicles, brings me back man.


Oh hey! Here's one that shows the whole gang together! This is pretty much the only way I can show Scorax in his thinner days, as well as Lentas when she was going through her goth phase. There's even my old Furno revamp! He's dead now.

All this talk about transforming Bionicles makes me want to do a contest on them, but I don't know if I have the authority.



transformers, more than meets the eye

I think these all look great


Ooh, nice; it's interesting to compare these MOCs to their present-day versions and see how they've developed. Though what do you mean by Lentas' goth phase?

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Biker phase might be the better word for it. In the image that features all the MOCs, it shows a version of Lentas during a time I was testing out what the silver rubber spines would look like wrapped around her shoulders. It looked weird.

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Okay, now I see it better. Huh.

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Yup... I feel inferior now. It's nothing against you by the way.

Come now, your stuff isn't that bad. wink At least all your MOCs look better than Scorax and Lentas' older versions.

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I remember trying to make Bionicle Transformer M.O.C.s, I made one jet, aaaaaand that was it. I made a tank and a helicopter that didn't transform, but that's all I could do. I'm more of a warrior/monster builder myself. relaxed

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