Cordata v4

I made this before i read the comment “Your mocs are starting to look the same”
This is Most likely the last tall curvy MOC for a while. I’m tying some system stuff wew.

TTV fix this stretched image garbage GRRR


like I said, this is my favorite from the mocs you’ve done

I love the way you did the chest.

Weird I’ve been sketching that chest design in my note books for months

Nice moc though. I especially like the head

Those are some huge thighs. I like it though. The colors come together nicely and the build is creative.

Definitely never skips leg day.

Sweet moc, the head is a nice fit.

Those are some nice thighs

[quote=“LTVmocs, post:8, topic:41234, full:true”] nice thighs


If the name is a reference to vertebrates, add an H after the C.