Cordax the Sufficiently Advanced (ver. 3.2)

the door-to-door salesman returns

I recently rebuilt Cordax 3.0 (my favorite type 1 cordax moc I’ve made) but for some reason I couldn’t find the parts to make his left arm. He stayed as he was originally but with a breakout evo-style tank arm, but earlier today I wondered what would happen if he was completely decked out in unnecessary gear? Since type 1 cordaxes are generally more ‘serious’, there are some bogus lore reasons that I made up for these enhancements, but they don’t matter all that much. Say hello to Cordax 3.2!

(hes not the best at posing but i tried my best dont be mean or else my dad will ban your minecraft account he works at microsoft)

He has a few new weapons and a few returning ones. The biggest additions are the aforementioned tank arm, the lightsword, and the crossbow.

The bag from the original 3.0 makes a return, so that’s nice. You might also recognize the small hammer from my recent Ekimu moc.

he has a looot of accessories, all of which can be stored on the little guy at the same time.

that’s all I have for today, tell me what you think!


Ah he’s glorious

The new heavy armor looks really good and I just love his gigantic weapons loadout. All of them are pretty cool and the variety is great; favorites include the gun arm and the sword. Overall nicely done



Also I like the flick missile launcher on his shoulder takes me back to Star Wars army building sets

Also also his overall shaping is goodly


Cordax but when he was based (based)


I like all his accessories, plus the fact all of them can be stored is pretty neat

The shaping on the tank arm is pretty cool as well



i may have accidentally copied nota oopsies


i love how armored up he is
plus the insane quantity of weapons is very funny


new cordax just dropped

lore wise, this version comes after the original 3.0, but before 3.1 and 3.2

speaking of lore here’s some hints as to what’s going on :goo:

every type 1 cordax (versions 1, 2, 3, and all of their variations) are the same entity and originate from the same universe

every version that comes after that are different entities from different universes (with the exception of versions 5 and 8, they’re the same)

they all can meet up because of a silly rabbit guy named jinro who can travel between universes and is gathering up cordaxes for some reason (I have a moc of him who I might post here if any of you are interested)

anyways have a good day peoples


Very nice. The claw arm and lantern are cool


he wants to steal their skrunkly powers


Show us what Jinro is up to


A risky venture to say the least


The fact that I would never find out about this topic if Ghid didn’t quote me in the replies is crazy. The boards are failing me hard right now :skull:
it just never showed up in “new topics”, bruh

Let’s just call it “Cordax channeling his inner Renner powers” :smirk:

I do love the formidable amount of accessories he has (although the fact that the fedora is not one of them is slightly concerning [or are we past the discord mod phase that this point?]), and the fact that all of them can be stored on his person is very nice.
I particularly enjoy the demon claw-arm thing

this reminds me that there’s quite a lot of silly lore behind Renner’s appearance as well, and I never posted it anywhere…


I completely forgot about this so here’s jinro (he is attacking random civilians for some reason)


Is that Cordax’s archenemy


so original cordax

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