Cordion The General (V.2) [Self-MOC]

A while back I posted a topic about my self MOC, Cordion The General. It was met with general approval with the only source of criticism being a cluttered color scheme and awkward shoulders. I agreed with them. I had been trying to go for a black and white color scheme but I lacked the necessary pieces to make that real, so I decided to simplify it all down to a predominantly black color scheme, with highlights of silver and grey. I simplified the shoulder construction as well so it would fit in with the color scheme more. I also fixed the upper limb mobility problem I was having, so now the legs can move a lot more freely. Here are the pictures below, and let me know what you think.

Here is a couple shots of the skeleton of Cordion as well, just to get a feel for the construction:


Looks nice

Although you might want to add a little bit more thickness in the arms

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Looks pretty good.

However, I think his arms are a bit too lanky; I would try making them 1-3 sections shorter for both his upper and lower arms. The sides of his body could use some filling out as well, since his body looks like a ‘T’ right now.


He’s pretty disproportional, but the skeleton build looks fine. I think it’s just the armor placement that throws me off.

I like the predominantly black and silver color scheme, however, there are a few parts in colors like dark blue, sand blue, and dark red that seemed out of place at first, but they are actually kind of growing on me. The proportions on the legs look good, but the torso and arms may be a little too long.

I like it. Good job!

Thank you to all the feedback. I do appreciate it. I don’t have my collection organized so I always try to use which piece I coma across first. (this goes especially for the singular ball joints as I have few in number)

Just for reference, here is a picture of V.1 in case you haven’t seen it: