Coroporate Mafia 2 - Sign-Up

Corporate Mafia 2

The war between the TTV rebel faction and the corporate empire of Applego continues. The rebels must once again rally together to defeat the evil forces. Stand and fight, or be destroyed.

(Some amount of) Mafians (Applego assassins)
(Some amount of) Rebel troops
1 Rebel commander (Ability to connect evidence to a person)
1 secret role

Same gameplay as the last game. All players are given an item that belongs to them based on a part of their personality. 5-3 of these items will be left at the scene, and can be reused in future crimes. All items are a secret, so no one knows who has what except the Mafia members. The game is played and voted upon in stages of 12 hour intervals. In 12 hours, the rebels must decide which item links to which player of the game and execute them then and there. Protective/healing devices are single-use and must be activated the night before a murder.

For those who are interested in playing, I HIGHLY recommend you go read the first Corporate Mafia to get a feel for the game type. This game will follow very closely in style, and may take a few notes from the original here and there.


The List:

1.) Eljay
2.) Rac
3.) Marendex_T17
4.) AdamusTheFirst
5.) Winterstorm345
6.) TheRed1s
7.) Gif.Man.Ben
8.) Whaddon
9.) MavezIgnikari
10.) Lord_Tuma
11.) Toa_Fjordisk
12.) Underoos_Spidey
13.) Darkbeick999
14.) ToaSonus
15.) Hawkflight
16.) jacques
17.) Leoxandar
18.) EvilLobsterking
19.) Zelohak
20.) Baldric
21.) MillsyAce
22.) Omega_Tahu


Sign me up.

I'll join in on the fun.

I'd sure like to participate in this venture.

Sure I'll join

Sign me up too!

Hmm do I want to join... Hmm I think I will.

But I will read through the first one like you advised.

I'll join

pls don't spawn kill me, guys ._.

also, can you give some example items?


So there are these items that we have and somehow they are at the murder scene, but only one actually was used as a murder weapon.

And then you need to figure out which one of those are the actual murder weapon and who used it.

That is how this works correct?

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That's the main jist of it.

They should be similar to the ones in the first game, things like a flag, a mask, a cookie. Fairly basic and normal items, but it really depends on the players.


I will sign up then this sound interesting.

I just hope I get to kill people.

I'll join

I am in.
Also, what time do the 12 hour shifts switch?

Oh! I'd like to join! The last one was fun. :smiley:

Sign me up please.

I'd love to join!

I'd like to try.

I'll join.

Loved the original, sign me up.

Is it to late to join? Because I will if I can.