Corporate Mafia: Rebellion

I mean, is one of these objects meant to be the murder weapon, or are they all just evidence, and something else was the murder weapon?

One of these is the murder weapon. It is up to all of you to figure out which one and who committed the murder with it.

Here’s my guesses.

Hero core= Cold Gold Lazarus, Mesonak?

number magnets: Noob1234, CGL?

pen: CGL, Maximumwarp, Oonie?

pieces: Artahka, Ekorak, Hawkflight?

Horoscope: ???


As in, why do you believe it to be these people?

I’m still trying to figure it out.

I’ll also make this clear and amend it to the first post.

If you guys are wrong, I will let you know. I’ll add the individual items to the first post as well when people die.

So you’ll let us know if our guess is wrong? probably not

Or you’ll let us know after the 12 hours is up?

You’ll find out if you’re wrong during the execution scene.


Pen and print-out, I don’t think so. The other three are perfectly viable options, though.

I’m thinking the lime pieces for sheer irony value, but I don’t think any breakable lime pieces exist that are big enough to kill someone via blunt force trauma. Unless it was like a whole bag of them?

I’ll roll with the Hero Core for the moment as that would fit the bill for a murder weapon quite nicely.



Yeah, but “who-done-it” Meso?

I need to have a good guess because I’m signing off for tonight very soon and won’t be back on tomorrow within the 12-hour limit.

…to be honest I have no clue. I was going to withhold my vote until you guys gave some opinions. XD

Honestly, assuming the core IS the murder weapon I’d say either Risebell (cuz Zombie Furno) or COREx11. Those are just random guesses, though.


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Hero core= Cold Gold Lazarus(head of HF mafia), Mesonak (likes HF)?

number magnets: Noob1234 (has numbers in his name), CGL (is organized)?

pen: CGL(writer and artist), Maximumwarp(artist), Oonie(artist)?

pieces: Artahka, Ekorak, Hawkflight (all moccists)?

Horoscope: ???



Simply because I am low on time, I am going to rely on Willess’s thoughts (hopefully for this night only). I vote for ColdGoldLazarus. Sorry.

This time limit is odd for me. Almost like it’s shorter. I wonder why…?

It’s making it harder for me to do stuff. Like, play this game properly.

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Oh yeah huh, I guess I am an equally viable suspect, huh. As is CGL… huh.

For what it’s worth, I’m an innocent soul. ;_;



Also, heads up guys.

How’d I not notice this?

I’m going to say it was the pen or the pieces.

Well, I mean, technically the Hero Core has double pin attachments that could be used to cut up somebody pretty badly, but yeah, that part gave some credence to the pieces in my mind aswell.



Hey Eljay, think you could give is an idea of the 12 hour time frames? Something like:
Voting will end at ## am/pm each day PST

Just so that players can get an idea of how long they have day-to-day instead of having to check how old the last post was.

Sure, actually. I’ll do that.

In fact, to make it easier for all, the time frames will be between 2:00 Central PM to AM. So the first round has an extension until then.



^ Roughly what I planned to post, then instead erased, before the scene was put up


It has to be the pen or the pieces.
MaximumWarp, Oonie, CGL, Artakha, Hawkflight, and Ekorak are presumably our main suspects then?

This is an odd list of possible suspects, if I do say so myself.